8 thoughts on “Broadcasting Magazine Reports: KNBS TV Walla Walla

    1. From 2001 to 2008. Walla Walla actually had a VHF station, on Channel 9. The station went on air for the first time on March 23, 2001, as KBKI. In 2003, it changed its call sign to KAZW-TV and became affiliated with the Spanish-language Azteca América network. It was mainly targeted at the Hispanic community in Central Washington. But in 2006 the station completely switched formats and became an affiliate of The CW network, and changed its call letters to KCWK. In May 2008 the station filed for bankruptcy and about two weeks later went off the air permanently. (Information from Wikipedia)

        1. Even though KCWK was licensed to Walla Walla, it appears that its offices were located in Yakima. I guess Yakima, the Tri-Cities and Walla Walla are all considered to be the same TV market? Actually, I think Pendleton, OR also is placed in the same market, because KFFX Channel 11, the Fox affiliate serving the Tri-Cities, is licensed to Pendleton.

    1. Our mid-1960s television had a UHF tuner. We had to dial-in the channels and had to be slow and careful in order to fine-tune the frequency.

  1. You mean that back then you also had to get a government permit to go out of business? WOW! My wife and I have been watching reruns of the rifleman on pluto tv.

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