For Breakfast, A Chat With Chippy

Author: Victor Stredicke

Former radio columnist for the Seattle Times (1964-1989). --- View other articles by Victor Stredicke
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10 thoughts on “For Breakfast, A Chat With Chippy

  1. I must admit that sirius does have some great programs on. Pat Boone is on the 50,s channel and then there is the little steven,s channel as well as the Beatles channel. But there is enough on the internet to keep me busy. Once that sirius 5 dollar a month special expires, it will go up to 16 dollars a month. Not paying that much. In case anyone,s interested ,pluto tv is free.

  2. I think it was Joe Pyne and Bob Grant. I lived in San Francisco and heard a lot of local talk. Conservative talk show Pat Mickaels (KNEW) took a stand against naked statues in golden gate park and little old ladies would call in and cry “i don,t like you. you don,t like statues” then start bawling. Really brightens up ones day. I got fed up with Howards fart jokes. I left grade school a long time ago. You should see some of the MTV adds on pluto tv.

    1. I never could stand Howard Stern. He has the subtlety of a junior high school punk who’s just told a dirty joke. About twenty years ago, my neighbor came running over with big news: “I just got satellite in my car!” He was telling me about all the great music without ads and I was eating it all up. Then the biggest news of all: “I can hear Howard Stern!!” My smile sagged and my eyes glazed over. He mumbled something and went home.

      1. No, I won’t pay for radio, satellite, terrestrial or Internet.
        I can understand donations to an independent radio station like KNKX, but otherwise stations must sink or swim. Radio should be free.

    1. Howard Stern is not someone I would listen to. Tom Leykis was a blowhard also. I think Joe Pyne started the shock talk back in the 1960s. Pyne was loud and rude.

          1. That’s true. The CBC is the same way.

            This reminds me of crossing the border at Niagara Falls about twenty-five years ago. An Ontario shuttle took tourists across to the U. S. in a spotless little bus. A young teenage girl in a white summer dress and with flowers in her hair welcomed us on board and guided us to a seat. On the return trip, it was a junky, dirty New York van and the driver didn’t even look up when we got on. He had the seat tilted back and his feet up on the dash. The radio was blasting at full volume.

            The difference in attitude between Americans and Canadians is shameful.

            1. I try to catch the early morning BBC talkers when I get home from work at night. Sometimes, I stay for the morning show which is a pleasant presentation of straight news reporting. The BBC has maintained respectable radio while the USA lost sight of it decades ago.

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