By The Time I Get To Phoenix

I see that a billion-dollar company is leaving Seattle in the dust. Why is that?

” … The unrest that has taken place in the city of Seattle … there is really is not a downtown business community today,” Smead Capital Management, President and CEO Cole Smead told KTAR News 92.3 FM.

Other businesses may follow.

AZ is the place to be. Currently, in Tucson, we have a little hazy sunshine action and 100 + degrees. NICE!

John Lyman has started his online radio station, Hot Oldies Diner. Giving it a listen, seems it is 70s-90s, mixed with Oldies, at this early stage.

KJR-FM personality, Matt Case, broadcasts from his backyard. One advantage of working from home.

In other news: Actor and comedian Bill Cosby has been granted the right to appeal his 2018 sexual assault conviction. The case will now head to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, The Associated Press reported.

The justices will review two parts of the case that Cosby’s lawyers are challenging in which a judge allowed prosecutors to call other accusers and to introduce evidence that Cosby gave quaaludes to women in the past.

Apparently, the defense doesn’t want the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth to sully the reputation of Cosby.

In closing, I have video cameras at my house that I can monitor remotely. So, STAY OFF MY LAWN!

Author: Jason Remington

Creator, Admin, & Editor of QZVX, former broadcaster at KTOY FM/Tacoma, KVAC/Forks , KDFL/Sumner, KTTX & KWHI FM/Brenham (TX), KONP/Port Angeles, KBAM/Longview, KJUN/Puyallup, KRPM FM/Tacoma, KAMT/Tacoma, KASY/Auburn, KBRD FM/Tacoma, KTAC/Tacoma, KMTT FM/Tacoma, and KOOL FM/Phoenix. -- Airchecks

7 thoughts on “By The Time I Get To Phoenix

  1. Black widows, anyone? How about giant cockroaches? Flying giant cockroaches? Been there too!

    I can honestly say that I never felt comfortable in Phoenix. And I always banged my shoes on the floor before I put them on.

  2. You can have your 100 degree temps…you can also have your poisonous snakes, gila monsters, tarantulas, and scorpions that just might crawl into your shoes at night!…and also, the high-powered cartel folks and money launderers that populate the area…best to stay in the pool!

  3. Thank you for the fun fact. I knew Autrey owned the Angels and the “Golden West Broadcasting Company” which included KVI and KPLZ. KVI was the original Mariner station and carried the long gone Seattle Pilots in ’69.

  4. KOLD was in Tucson.

    Gene Autry owned both KOOL and KOLD (originally KOPO). He put the TV stations on the air in 1953 and changed the Tucson calls in 1958. Gene joined the Army Air Corps in 1942 and, while stationed at Luke Field west of Phoenix, he met a local jewelry store owner named Tom Chauncy. They threw in together and bought KOOL-AM.

    Fun facts: Gene Autry gave up $600,000 a year (equal to $9,900,000+ today) when he joined the Army Air Corps. He was the only man in the U. S. military allowed to wear cowboy boots while on duty.

    Seattle Mariners Hall of Fame broadcaster Dave Niehaus began his baseball radio career in 1969 with Gene Autry’s California Angels over Autry’s KMPC Los Angeles. They and a few others were in an elevator on the way out after the game one day. Niehaus described their short conversation: Autry: “Hell of a game you called today, Neihaus.” Neihaus: “Thank you, Mister Autry.” Autry: “Not the game I saw, but a hell of a game nevertheless.”

  5. Something I’ve never understood about financial managers (referred to universally as “Smeads” in the same manner that women of a certain type are now being called “Karens”) is why they can’t manage their own money well enough to retire young and just leave us squalid peons alone. If a little unrest is all it takes to chase a Smead from our midst, I suggest more unrest.

    I’ll bet the Smead in question is really heading south because he just found out that Arizona is a right-to-work state.

    The CHAZ/CHOP zone is nothing surprising to Seattle natives, most of whom appreciate a good protest and all that goes with it. Civil disobedience is a great thing. Communally and individually, we need an occasional messing around with the status quo. Even when they used to knock my bus off route or stop it dead miles from a restroom, I admired the protesters. I still do.

    Autonomous zones have been around for about thirty years. Washington D. C. just opened the Black House Autonomous Zone (BHAZ) June 20th.

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