Goodbye, Friend: Tim Shook

It has come to our attention through a recent obit in the Seattle Times, that Tim Shook, KNHC alumni and friend of this blog, has passed. Tim authored three articles and gave additional information regarding other posts on the site. Tim Shook also helped found the Radio Theater Channel online, as voice-over talent and web developer.

Tim Shook on Facebook

Author: Jason Remington

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15 thoughts on “Goodbye, Friend: Tim Shook

  1. I was wondering what happened to him. I,m very sorry and sad to read this. Tim and I were very close friends. I know he was not in the best of health. He has been missing from facebook since January. He has been very helpful to me too. I got a lot of great airchecks in my collection because of him. I have known him since 79 when he worked at KGAA in Kirkland. I used to hang out with him at the KBRD studios at times as well as the KTNT studios. One time while he was on the air doing his show at TNT, we were also listening to “your unpopular hit parade” on KRAB and at 3.a.m. Steven Rabow was taking phone calls from listeners. We decided to call them and had a nice chat with Rabow. Afterwords, we got off and they took two other phone calls. One from Canada since their cable system carried KRAB. Both callers later asked about us and Rabow mentioned that maybe they will calls us back. So we did. During our second call Al Dale, part timer at sister station KNBQ, walked into the studio and Tim asked Steven a question and we had a portable radio in the studio and Steven answered back on the radio. You should have seen the look on Al,s face. Tim will be sorely missed. He really was a true friend.

  2. So sad to hear, meet him in High School at KNHC/C89.5 Radio, he was a great guy and a great on Air Personality knew back then he’d go places, Rest in Peace My Friend and God Speed.

  3. It has come to my attention that the P.I. listed his death as unknown. The person who told me that may have misunderstood the article. Never the less, I sure would like to know what caused his death?

  4. Yes….when I first saw the obit there was a banner link over it for covid info. So that was my initial impression, but decided cause of death was uncertain. I had been told by some of his friends that he had some health problems…no clue what they were.

  5. What a nice guy Tim was. Often sent friendly greetings on holidays and reminisced about the good old days on KTNT.

  6. Tim Shook was a sweetheart. I’ve been wondering for months why he had gone silent — and fearing the worst — now I see confirmation of the news I was dreading. Whether his death was caused by the coronavirus or diabetic complications, he has fought hard in his struggle just to survive these past several years going through an extended period of homelessness and the toll it took on his health. Thank God that his loyal, longtime friend Herb Schoenfeld stepped up and helped Tim get a roof over his head. But it breaks my heart that Tim’s life has been cut short. We worked together at KTAC AM and KBRD FM in Tacoma and have remained friends through the years with some cherished memories of late night radio shows from the Tacoma Mall Office Building where the radio stations’ studios were located. I’ll never forget Tim…

  7. Tim was a past employee. I hired him at KEZX in 1976 to be an on-air voice. He was 18, inexperienced and often mispronounced words. Had a decent set of pipes.

    He was coachable. Rarely repeated the same error.

    We went to see Star Wars with my wife when it came out, he became a big fan and his work nickname became Shookie the Wookie.

    I left broadcasting a couple if years later and hired him at a scuba company where I did the marcomm work. His job was to make wetsuit and other equipment. That did work out.

    In 2017 I was in Seattle on a trip back from Blaine to ny Portland home and stopped at the Northgate McDonald’s to get a snack, wow…there he was. Hadn’t really changed in nearly 25 years.

    Oh well. Can’t say I’ll miss him, but that’s from an employers viewpoint.

  8. Tim was an interesting soul. A little “outside the curve”, but that developed his extreme creativity. He was really smart but also really quirky, not a bad combination.

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