Molly Shen Tells of Cancer Diagnosis

KOMO news reporter Molly Shen notified viewers via Facebook:

If I canceled my checkup because of coronavirus concerns, I wouldn’t have known that I had cancer.

A personal note to let you know that I’m going to be off the air for a few weeks. At a recent checkup, my doctor noticed some swelling above my collarbone. Despite looking at myself in mirror daily, I hadn’t noticed it. This led to blood tests, an ultrasound, a biopsy, a CT scan, and a diagnosis of papillary thyroid cancer. If you are one of the many people who has had thyroid cancer, you know it is very treatable. An even better word – it’s highly curable. I had surgery yesterday, and all went well! I’m down a thyroid and a bunch of lymph nodes, but I’m already on my way to recovery.

The Washington Hospital Association recently said they’ve seen a dramatic drop-off in clinic visits because people are anxious about exposure to coronavirus. I get it. I thought about delaying my annual exam. But I knew my doctor’s office was taking every precaution. It’s a safe place. So I went to my appointment, and my OBGYN spotted something that concerned her. I already loved her for her excellent care and helping me bring two amazing children into the world. Now I feel even more grateful for her.

The experts have been telling us to get kids to their well child checks, and keep their immunizations up to date. There are concerns that people with heart disease will ignore symptoms to avoid the emergency room right now. While we had been advised to hold off on routine cancer screenings in the beginning of the pandemic, those services have opened back up. You can get that colonoscopy and mammogram. But if you’re still worried about going to the doctor, telemedicine is a great place to start. These are unprecedented times and all the more reason to take care of yourself. Thanks for letting me preach a little health, and I look forward to being back on the air soon!

Author: Jason Remington

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