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A friend of this blog, Crazy Steve Randall. Check this list of stations Steve has worked for. Only Scotty Brink has rented as many U-Hauls.

​Steve has been in the radio broadcasting and commercial production fields for over three decades. He has been an air talent, program director, music director, production director and consultant as well as an owner- operator of his own audio & video post-production studio. Some of the broadcasting companies Steve has been employed with include Drake-Chennault-Heftel, ABC, CBS, Cap Cites and Star Stations in markets throughout the country.

​1976 KMAK, Fresno Afternoons
1976 KUZZ, Bakersfield Mornings
1976 KAFY, Bakersfield Mornings (one day))
1976-1977 KZON, San Diego Afternoons and PD
1977 Returned to: KZON, San Diego New format/Overnights
1977 KAUM, Houston Temp Fill/ Evenings
1978 KARM, Fresno Temp Fill/ Evenings
1978 KWST, Los Angeles Weekends
1978-1979 KMEL, San Francisco Afternoons
1979 KLUC, Las Vegas Evenings
1979 KZOK, Seattle Afternoons
1979-1981 KNBQ, Tacoma-Seattle Afternoons
1981 KISW, Seattle Midday’s
1981-1982 KYYX, Seattle Afternoons
1982-1983 KNBQ, Tacoma-Seattle Afternoons
1983 KKHR, Los Angeles Weekends
1983-1984 KLAC, Los Angeles Weekends
1984 KHIT, Seattle Mornings
1985 KLAC, Los Angles Weekends
1985 KIQQ, Los Angeles Weekends
1985 KFMS, Las Vegas Evenings
1985-1986 KUBE, Seattle Weekends
1986 KRAM, Las Vegas Overnights
1986 KYYX, Las Vegas Evenings/MD Yes, same call letters as Seattle
1986-1987 KFRE, Fresno Afternoons
1987 KKNU, Fresno Mornings
1987 KFRE-FM, Fresno Afternoons
1987 KCLQ, Fresno Afternoons/PD
1988 KFSO, Fresno Mornings
1988-1989 KCLQ, Fresno Mornings
1989-1990 KFYE, Fresno Afternoons/PD
1990 KABX, Merced Temp Mornings/Consultant
1990 KTHT, Fresno Weekends
1990 KNAX, Fresno Weekends
1991 KMYX, Bakersfield Mornings/PD
1991-1992 KCML, Fresno Afternoons
1993 KSXY, Fresno Afternoons/PD
1996-1998 KUBB, Merced Afternoons/PD
1998 KJR-FM, Seattle Mornings
1999-2000 KUBB, Merced Afternoons/MD
2004-2005 KTSX, Fresno Mornings
2006 KHIX, Elko Temp Mornings (consultant)

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