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Author: Jason Remington

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7 thoughts on “Bruce Vanderhoof Radio Stunts

  1. Bruce Vanderhoof started his Pacific Northwest broadcasting career after moving up from Salt Lake City in 1954, joining KING 1090 AM. He replaced Al Cummings on both the KING’S Klock morning show 6a-8a and the Telebargain show each day on KING 5.
    Al Cummings moved over to 1300 KOL.

  2. Circa 1968, Bruce Vanderhoof had quit/or was fired from KOMO radio and went to work at an Aberdeen radio station. Does anyone recall which station that was?

  3. During his 5am to 9am KOMO radio morning music-news-chat show in 1961, Bruce Vanderhoof invited listeners to join his Flabby Americans Club and participate in the morning exercise feature he hosted.

  4. August 1971 – Bruce Vanderhoof moves to KTNT-Am mornings, taking the air shift vacated by Bob Piatt who moved to the tv side, Channel 11. Moving into the afternoon shift was Gary McCartie, former KBLE staffer.

  5. Bruce Vanderhoof, KOMO radio morning man, married Portland tv weather girl Geri Lindsey in 1959. They hosted a (10:30am) KOMO tv lifestyle show together called “Gateway”.

  6. Bruce Vanderhoof was an absolute riotous funny man to work with, along with Al Cummings, Jerry Holzinger, Dave Allen, and extra-flamboyant newscaster Gene Lewis with his daily, differently colored bow-tie and elongated moustache, curled up at the ends – a character in his own right, but definitely a deep-digging newshound. Glen Brooke was the operations/program director and I had just departed KAYE-1450AM in Puyallup with Bud Blair and Herb Smiles for KTNT AM-FM as Glen’s new music director as well as a mid-day shift on the AM side and an afternoon shift on the new ‘country’ formatted FM side, 97.3. It was a fun place at the time and down the hall, you’d frequently run into “Brakeman Bill” getting ready with his late afternoon kid’s show with the ‘Crazy Donkey’ on Channel 11. Other great folks there included sportscaster Bob Robertson, chief engineer Paul Crittenden, and his side-kick assistant Tom Brokaw. And of course, who could ever forget the engineering front desk receptionist, Jackie – whose last name I forget just now – but I’ll never forget her naughty laugh and smiles! And lastly, rounding out the KTNT AM-FM broadcast day at Midnight was Clarence McDaniel and his unforgettable “ALL THAT JAZZ” program until sign-off. Clarence and I would reunite years later on amateur radio (WA7BZI) and at KIXI AM-FM in 1981 where he was shop steward for AFTRA and a newsbeat reporter.

    1. Being a Tacoma kid, I listened to KTNT in addition to the Top 40 stations from Seattle. I had the opportunity to visit KTNT on several occasions, which was a big deal to a kid who wanted to be on the radio.

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