The Most Ridiculous Headline of the Year

There was no reason to have disc jockeys and tv news people social distance by miles, broadcasting from their bomb-shelters and basements. For those of us who believe this pandemic was a bunch of malarkey, these types of stories are just B***S***!

Idaho man crushed by steamroller dies of Corona Virus

In other news, Randi Kirshbaum, the Portland, ME market veteran who claims she was fired for not returning to the station after working from home for six weeks, has reportedly hired a lawyer and plans to sue Saga Communications. Saga stands by a temporary work-from-home agreement, which says the company would evaluate her remote workplace arrangement every two weeks.
This is called: JOB ABANDONMENT
Yes, Randi, YOU’RE FIRED!!!!

We are NOT “All in this together”

Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak took a swipe at media elites who have the luxury of working from home but who are discouraging less fortunate, out-of-work Americans from leaving their homes. The long-time game show host said that “it’s okay to question” the dominant media narrative pressuring people to stay indoors.

Sajak tweeted his message, addressing those Americans who find they “can’t work, pay bills or pay their rent or mortgage” during the coronavirus crisis. [Truepundit]

TODD HERMAN (KIRO 97.3 FM) says” NO scientific reason for schools to be closed today, let alone, next year. This is 100% political: it’s about the election! Kids NOT at risk. No recorded instance of kid passing to adults. NIH study indicates asymptomatic people do not pass.

For a differing opinion, tune to MSNBC…

Before we leave the Twittersphere and return to the real world, one more from Pat Sajak, who is getting a lot of flack for his commentaries…

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14 thoughts on “The Most Ridiculous Headline of the Year

  1. I,m also a subscriber to reelradio and uncle Ricky was just as conservative as Jason. But he later asked all of us to refrain from politics because the site could used it,s non- profit tax exempt. I do not know if this site is tax exempt or not and I,m not trying to take away anyones freedom of speech. I try to refrain from making snarky comments about other radio people in spite of what I have been told by others in the business. A rumor is not necessary a fact and I,m trying to be careful. The doctor said that I,m at high risk of getting this virus. That is why I do not work at safeway and I do not even go for walks. I feel like I,m on restriction. I,m also disappointed that summer events are being canceled. But this IS an emergency and we ALL have a responsibility to do our part. I cannot believe these idiot Trump supporters do not realize this. There is also the stupid arguments that there is no such thing as global warming. I believe the scientist first before the politicians or talk show host. People who are going to church are catching this. Maybe not everyone, but a high number. I,ll be glad when this thing is over. In the meantime, everyone please be safe and follow instructions so we CAN put an end to this. The sooner, the better.

    1. Ed is correct, in that this whole thing has been a political football. But the cold, hard fact for workers is, they need to be able to “put food on their family”, as George Bush would have said. Staying home may suit some, especially those retired, but those in the workforce, who can’t work from home and have a good work ethic, need to get back to work. Being on the government dole is not the answer.

      1. Being on the government dole temporarily is definitely the answer!…we pay taxes, government officials are paid by us, and whatever sustainable benefits available belong to all of us folks who have worked for a living…we need more so-called stimulus money, so people can continue to avoid this virus, until a vaccine is developed…Libertarian philosophy is nice, but not workable in this situation.

  2. I am on a task force in Whatcom County with a goal of getting business going again. It is officially through the health department, so safety is being taken into consideration. Has anyone heard anything about cases tied to Boeing bringing back like 30K employees a month ago? I know that area is still getting quite a few new cases, but I assume if it could be tied to Boeing that would be reported. The report that the state recently sent what the Seattle Times estimates as up to hundreds of millions of dollars in federal unemployment benefits to Nigerian scammers is rather underwhelming.

    1. That would be a quick turnaround for Boeing. I thought the lay-off happened only recently. But, time flies when you are shut-in.

      Boeing laying off over 6,700 workers, cites ‘devastating impact’ of pandemic
      MAY 27, 2020 AT 8:52 AM

      And keep wearing those masks. Promoting the demise of the Northwest economy is the mission. Governor Inslee salutes you.

      1. Funny, I didn’t see anything about that backlog of deadly “If it’s a Boeing, I’m not going!” 737 Maxes parked by the hundreds at Boeing Field and elsewhere playing even the tiniest part in the Lazy B’s layoffs.

        At least they’re shiny, visible and great for bombing practice – just ask any eagle or seagull.

  3. I also hope things return to normal sooner than later. But, hopefully it is done safely. I do feel for those that can’t return to work yet.

  4. I’ve gotten a flu shot every year since the first vaccine was developed and I haven’t had the flu since then. I have friends who refuse to get a flu shot and they don’t always get the flu either, but I’d rather be safe. I’m 81 years old and I’m planning on 15 or 20 years more.

    Regardless of politics, what Inslee has done, and is doing, seems well-respected by those in the scientific community. I am grateful for their efforts.

    Generally speaking, politicians of all stripes disgust me. For what it’s worth, I have never voted for Inslee.

    Every employee at my local WalMart and Albertsons wears a face mask. Aisles are one-way and number of customers in both stores is limited. Every cart is sanitized after one use.

    My barber sanitizes her instruments after each use.

    I go nuts with cabin fever but I’m still here.

  5. America cannot remain in the state of lockdown. Vulnerable folks have the option to stay home. Workers must return to work.

  6. Yes thousands die each year from the flu, How many of those didn’t get a flu shot? Since there is no shot for Covid-19 who knows how many more will die. At 74, I would prefer not to be infected by someone who doesn’t give a damn if they pass Covid on because it is there “right” to do so. By the way I didn’t vote for Inslee if that matters.

    1. There are supposedly some people who were reportedly killed by what was alleged to be this Chinese virus. Those claims are not in dispute. Despite the deaths, thousands die from the FLU each year. We have never had a lockdown over that. The lockdown is the bone of contention. It is part of an agenda. Governor Inslee sees it as an “opportunity” to overhaul the government, institute a green new deal. It stinks of political shenanigans.

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