Gary Lockwood Passes

Some sad news coming from his son Todd Lockwood, Gary passed away last week peacefully in his sleep.

I worked with Gary, LJ, Lockjock, LJ the DJ for several years…he was probably the best jock I ever heard. He was incredibly prepared for every shift on KJR whether is was afternoons or later mornings. It was a routine with him… He’d have a cigarette hanging from his mouth, ashes all over the typewriter’s keys, as he’d bang out every word of his daily Police Blotter and whatever else came that day. You knew to never interrupt Lockjock while he’s prepping. He was smart, so sharp and he understood radio and his audience like a pro.

He has been missed since leaving KJR and now he’ll be missed for what he leaves behind…all those wonderful memories.

R.I.P. Lockjock.

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Author: Jason Remington

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2 thoughts on “Gary Lockwood Passes

  1. Never met the guy in real life, but as a radio Jock he was by far the very best. 405 was police blotter time daily and it was so ridiculously funny to listen to. I wish there was a way to get my daily dose of that type of laughter. Sad to hear of his passing, but Gary you are and were the very best. Thank you for the year’s of delight you brought to Seattle Radio.

  2. I recall, as an aspiring radio broadcaster residing in Richmond, B.C., doing my best not to miss(despite the static), “Police Blotter” and, the news from Hollywood. On “PB”, there were some memorable, wonderful instances of one breaking up the other. I have several, still, on cassette. R.I.P. and, thank-you, “LockJock”.

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