Scott Jones – Judge, Jury, Executioner

Kudos to FTVLive blogger, Scott Jones for his many “breaking news” stories (media related), and building FTVLive into a daily “go-to” website.

I think the recognition he has received has gone to his head. This story is the topper: Hey Scripps…Fire This Guy. Calling for a journalist to be fired for producing a humorous video, goes beyond the scope of Jones’ importance to broadcast media, blogging and journalism. When is it too soon to parody life in this new environment? If it’s clever and funny to YOU, it’s never too soon. If it offends you, change the channel. In this case, Scott Jones should have closed the Twitter page and paused for a few minutes to soak his head. He is not just taking a swipe at someone in the public eye, he is leading a mob to tar and feather the fellow.

It is his opinion that the song parody was wrong for these times. He went so far as to call for the journalist to be fired. His thinking is that he, Scott Jones, has the clout to sway the opinion of Scripps corporate management. Maybe they will read his blog, and maybe the journalist will be fired. Or maybe clearer heads will prevail.

Would Jones take a few minutes to put himself in the place of the journalist being attacked and imagine what life will be like when the paychecks stop coming? Would Scott Jones look in the mirror and see the fool staring back at himself?
Jones will continue breaking stories and his readership numbers will continue to grow. Jones has a right to his opinion.

In my humble opinion, Scott Jones is a pompous ass.

Author: Jason Remington

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