More of the voice-tracking you enjoy

Aly (10 am – 3 pm) on KZOK 102.5 (iHeart), is also on KGB 101.5, San Diego, at the same time. Maybe that is why she announced the KGB call letters during the KZOK program today. Who cares? Apparently not CORPORATE.
The voice-tracking will continue until all listeners are driven away!
Robert Feder, a longtime reporter on Chicago media who has an industry blog, put it bluntly: “I’d be hard-pressed to think of a single way in which the Chicago group is better off under Entercom than it was under CBS Radio. Many, many jobs have been cut, others have been combined, and much of the group’s local programming and operational autonomy has been lost. A day doesn’t go by that I don’t hear complaints from employees about corporate meddling and mindless cost-cutting. In short, it’s been pretty much a disaster from day one.” PHILADELPHIA MAGAZINE

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