FOX @ Q13 – Who Gets Pink-slipped?

Easy picks for those that will remain at KCPQ once FOX Corporation takes over: The Seahawks sportscasters. That includes Aaron Levine, Ian Furness and Brock Huard. At the newsdesk, I see Bill Wixey, Matt Lorch, Jamie Tompkins and Liz Dueweke staying. FOX has historically made sweeping changes at newly acquired stations, in management and on the air. The anchors listed have “the look” that fits the FOX mold. Not to mention, they are good at what they do and popular with viewers. And count on Alyana Gomez, new hire from FOX 2 KTVU, San Francisco, being part of the new line-up. Others at Q13? We will wait and see.
Things that may spur others at Q13 to start firing off tapes and resumes, one may be too laid back, another too old, and others not enough eye candy for the FOX look. Harsh words? I won’t name names. There is a certain look at FOX stations. That’s all I am saying.
One more thing… If you are at the Q13 anchor desk, you better have your smile on!
AND NOW THIS… There is too much ‘sponsored content’ on websites these days. If you aren’t paying attention, you might think some of these are actual news stories. In reality, this is all ‘click bait.’ These are stories that run at a rate of a paragraph per page, the rest of the page is cluttered with ads. The remainder of the article is in twenty other paragraphs, twenty other pages, along with a couple hundred more clickable ads. These articles are not newsworthy and are better suited for inclusion on Facebook or the National Enquirer. This garbage clogs the internet like a huge hairball in your bathtub drain. It hurts the credibility of the websites that host it. It is fluff, mindless gibberish.
Speaking of mindless gibberish, this is what a lot of podcasts have become. Some hosts have become complacent or have so little to say, that they are just fulfilling an obligation to produce a weekly podcast, filled with witless chatter. I have had to revise my list of podcast subscriptions due to this. There are some podcasters who remain professional, producing a quality program each week. Many others are just collecting ad revenue and listener contributions via their Patreon page. Joe Rogan, Adam Carolla, NPR’s content, and the Ben Shapiro show, continue to produce quality podcasts. These are dependable, structured and sponsored, much like a typical radio program. The Gilbert Gottfried Amazing Colossal Podcast has just been picked up by Sirius/XM. The podcast will play three times on the satellite network the week before being released for download. Many podcasters, hoping to gain an audience and compete with the big dogs of podcasting, need to step up their game. As for Gilbert’s podcast, if you like old movies and tv shows, this is for you. Gottfried and co-host Frank Santopadre interview producers, directors, writers and actors. These podcasts run for an hour to 90 minutes.
Maybe mindless gibberish and click bait work for the slobbering, unbathed, demented masses. It fits with the rap music and morning shows playing on a few of the radio stations. Along with websites like TMZ, Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram, it’s a hodge podge of trash on the radio, social media and podcasts.

Author: Jason Remington

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