Media Buzz Words, Cliches & A Rant Against Facebook

When a radio personality or tv news anchor parts ways with a station, the same tired cliches are trotted out to describe their situation and how they feel about leaving.
Bittersweet news
As I close this chapter
adventure of a lifetime
thank you so much for allowing me to earn your trust
and to tell your story
I’m going to turn off my 2am alarm
with a new decade comes a brand new adventure
follow along with my journey
These are common, and were all part of one Sacramento anchor’s statement. Nothing original there. FTVLIVE
She also mentioned spending more time with the family, specifically, the holidays.
Of all the announcements of new faces in Seattle tv news, KING 5 seems to have the greatest turnover rate. What is wrong at KING 5? The old Home Team is long gone.
As news comes down about the pending takeover of KCPQ by the FOX Corporation, one wonders who will stay and who will be replaced. Will FOX bring in their own crew, pushing out the current personalities and management?
Our Christmas wish: One of the Seattle radio stations stunting with Christmas music, might switch to John Sebastian’s WOW Factor format on December 26th. Probably not.
This blogger was recently unfriended on Facebook by a former acquaintance/coworker after responding to one of their political posts. Apparently, the poster was in no mood to read a differing opinion and would rather only hear from those who are in lock-step with his views. Although we have used FB and other social media for (blog) promotional purposes, FB is generally home for the very needy, the attention seekers. That is one man’s opinion.
Comedian, Jim Florentine, has a similar view about Facebook (NSFW)…

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Author: Jason Remington

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  1. When the 10 PM to 2 AM guy finds a note in his box from the PD, “Be in my office at 7 AM”, that’s an out the door forecast.

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