KAYE, KOL, KJR, KASY, KLSY and WARM 106.9-Sandy Hamilton

He graduated from Stadium High School in 1961. “Bad boy, bad grades, too social…and played in rock bands.”
Sandy Hamilton had air shifts at KAYE, KOL, KJR, KASY, KLSY and WARM 106.9. He moved to Denver and began singing and songwriting under the name Santa Colorado.

“I retired ‘Santa Colorado’ and cancelled that FB site…” (New FB online as of September 4th 2019.)
Sandy Hamilton in his early Top 40 days… (see Sandy’s comments below)

“Early 70’s got hired at KOL, Seattle. The pic was at an outdoor concert I M.C.’d. I still have that sweatshirt. There were only 12 made. We wore them when several of the KOL air-staff were hard to miss at the Milk Carton Race on Greenlake. Must have been the summer of ’74. The attached picture was at a huge open concert on the King County Fairgrounds. I was the host and representing KOL. Fun…too high…times.”

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