Hold It, I Think You’re Going To Like This Picture

A study conducted at Washington State University finds that people who post lots of selfies are generally looked at in a negative light by others. According to researchers, frequent selfie-takers are almost universally viewed as less likable, less successful, more insecure, and less open to new experiences than those who typically share photos of themselves taken by other people. (A snippet of info from FTVLive)
There are dozens of Seattle tv and radio folks who LOVE LOVE LOVE to take selfies and post to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Though they are in a business where self-promotion is huge, the viewers tire of this after awhile. The study quoted here confirms this.

By the way, if you can tell me the source of the quote used for the title of this post, without using Google, you have earned the right to a second helping of dessert after dinner tonight.

It’s not just media people. Over-sharing selfies can also cause other relationship issues. A study brings to light the negative effect that social media can have on romantic relationships over time. It may be the case that visual communication compared to other forms is more prone to the damaging effects of over sharing. The saying ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ comes to mind. It seems that although communication is important in a relationship, consistent selfie posting could be ‘too much communication’. (PsyPost.org)

Author: Jason Remington

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