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(Los Angeles Daily News) John Sebastian has been in radio 51 years, and has worked at or programmed numerous stations over the course of his career, including KDWB/Minneapolis, WCOZ/Boston, KSLX/Phoenix, KUPD/Phoenix, KISW/Seattle, WSM-FM/Nashville, KPLX/Dallas, and here in Los Angeles, KHJ (930 AM), KTWV (94.7 FM), KZLA (now KLLI, 93.9 FM), and KLAC (570 AM).

He believes that boomers not only are getting the short end of the stick when it comes to programming but that stations owners are missing out on a lot of boomer income.

“Sure, there are stations that boomers listen to,” he explained, “but that’s more of an accident. Most stations try to attract a younger audience, some go for an older audience, and boomers will tend to listen to those stations because they like radio and it’s the best they have.

“But no one programs directly to them. And yet they are the group most loyal to radio.

Read details about John Sebastian’s WOW FACTOR at Los Angeles Daily News

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