Harry Lewis with Julius Funkley At KPUG Bellingham

Principals in this story: Left-Kirk Wilde in 1966; Right-Part-time DJ Harry Lewis (Photo taken nearly 50 years after his time at KPUG)

Hi, I just discovered your web site and have been reading the articles, which have brought back great memories. I grew up in Bellingham, and was a dedicated listener of KPUG, starting with a crystal set clipped to my bed springs at the age of 8. After reading the article on Kirk Wilde, I remembered that I have a recording of Julius Funkley that I would like to share. Unfortunately the recording is not great. The equipment I had available back then was not great and this is a copy of a copy of a copy….. Also, the editing and mixing on the original recording was kind of disappointing, but I haven’t found any other Julius Funkley recordings on the web.

This file is a fictitious recording session by Harry Lewis with Julius Funkley. As you can guess, things didn’t go well.

Julius Funkley – KPUG.mp3

Thanks for creating such a great web site.

Mike Schone

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