The Voice of Christianity

November 14, 1982 / KBIQ, 115,000 watt voice of Christianity in Western Washington, does not have to be sold, the President of Crista Ministries, Clarence Reimer, announced this month.
“God has intervened with a modern-day miracle through an anonymous Christian couple,” Reimer said. The couple provided a low-cost loan in the “exact amount needed to keep the station from being sold.” At the request of the donors, details will not be revealed, Reimer said.
Cristwood, an ambitious Edmonds area retirement complex, had become a distressed real estate venture. To save the complex, KBIQ would be thrown to the wolves. The radio station was the Christian corporation’s most saleable property. (In better economic times, such a facility might be worth $6 to $7 million to a broadcaster who could program for secular success.)
With the continued operation of both KBIQ, with Christian music and teaching, news, and sports, and KGDN, with Christian programming, Crista Ministries will continue with what it describes as “one of the most concentrated channels for Christian witness in the nation.”

Dick Estell begins reading “Shadow of Cain,” by Vincent Bugliosi and Ken Hurwitz, on “Radio Reader,” at 9 a.m. Wednesday on KUOW…Al Clarke, the weekend announcer at KMPS FM who died of a heart attack last week, previously had worked at such stations as KBLE and KURB and KVAC in Forks.

National Public Radio’s “Morning Edition” celebrated its third anniversary this month. It’s heard on KPLU and KUOW…The CBS Radio Network and the Mutual Broadcasting System, at least, intend to provide live coverage of the launch and landing phases of the fifth Space Shuttle mission, presently scheduled for November 16 (1982).

Author: Victor Stredicke

Former radio columnist for the Seattle Times (1964-1989). --- View other articles by Victor Stredicke

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