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2 thoughts on “Jim Baine – KMO

  1. I know we are not supposed to make snarky comments, but Bains is one of the bad guys. Herb Smiles used to attack him on the air at KAYE, Puyallup. I guess when JFK got shot, KMO was the only station that went on with their normal programing as if nothing happened. I hear from others that Bains was a real bonehead.

  2. From the Internet Archive ( we reclaim some of our Lost Comments:

    Mike Cherry says:
    August 30, 2018 7:49 pm at
    Jason’s comments about Jim Baine are bang on. I’ve worked for a couple of radio station owners over the decades that have treated me like ‘product’ instead of a person. Owners like this often get their deserved payback eventually. This KAMT host sounds like he really needed a break – possibly due to stress overload, a personal crisis or mental health issue. What goes around comes around…

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