Ogden Has Left The Building

Former Metro Traffic reporter/KOMO radio South Sound correspondent, Bill Ogden, has opted not to renew his deal with KLAY Lakewood, as co-host of the [Friday] Mike Franco program. Ogden claims he wants to spend more time with family…Olympia Oldies KGY FM (95.3/KYYO-HD 2) also offers music from the 1940s, specifically, Big Band tunes on Saturday nights. Although a great idea since KUOW dropped The Swing Years program, the KGY offering relies heavily on cover versions of the hits, lacking the wide library of originals…We have said it before – Mixx 96 KXXO/Olympia needs to update their jingle… Driving through Albany, Oregon we see that KHJ Radio has been revived in the form of a tribute station, available there on FM. As of this posting there is not an Internet stream for Albany’s KHJ…Someone said it, and we agree – there is no reason to buy the print version of the Tacoma News Tribune, now called The News Tribune [distancing themselves from Tacoma?] because it is OLD NEWS before they print it. Everything in the paper has already been seen on the Internet – days earlier! I remember when the TNT upped the price of the paper to a dime. Now, it is priced way beyond the value of what is offered. Even a dime would be too much to pay. Sorry! But the Internet has killed the newspaper. Time marches on…
Former owner of KRKO Everett, Sparky Taft, ever the snazzy dresser, seen here either fending off the paparazzi with his cane, or taking a selfie.

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Author: Jason Remington

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1 thought on “Ogden Has Left The Building

  1. From the Internet Archive, some of our Lost Comments—

    Maple Valley Mike says:
    May 28, 2017 10:10 am at
    I got a book at Barnes And Nobles on Seattle radio history. It’s the same series of books that had histories of various other Northwest communities.

    Mike Lonergan says:
    June 2, 2017 6:06 pm at
    I see that your exclusive item on Bill Ogden failing to renew his lucrative contract with KLAY has been picked up by Northwest Broadcasters nwbroadcasters.com , with credit to Puget Sound Media of course. They gave it the same high profile coverage as John Clayton being cut by ESPN. My understanding is that Ogden’s deal with KLAY was sweet while it lasted, including all the free pastries he could eat from the Lakewood House of Donuts. I know, because this is the same package I had to walk away from when I left KLAY.

    Lennie The Cabbie says:
    June 2, 2017 9:41 pm at
    You helped make donuts great again! Is this Fake News? I’m asking for a friend. Lennie the Cabbie!

    pugetsound says:
    June 3, 2017 11:43 am at
    No FAKE NEWS here. Sources tell me that Mike Lonergan demanded donuts as part of his deal with KLAY, to include buffet lunch at least 3 times a week. His efforts paved the way for perks like free stays in hotels up and down the coast. Nice when you are on vacation. Walking away from this sweet deal had to be difficult!

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