AT&T: This Is How We Do It

Since its acquisition of DirecTV in 2015, AT&T has begun the process of phasing out its U-verse offerings and pushing subscribers to sign up for the DirecTV satellite TV service. Rather than convince U-verse customers that DirecTV is a superior service – a dubious proposition, to say the least – AT&T is instead manufacturing retransmission consent disputes to deprive viewers of their favorite local broadcast TV stations. RBR
…Delilah, 57, uses two studios, one in the basement (not the barn) of her century-old farmhouse and another in West Seattle, equally equipped to create her nighttime program.Premiere Networks built the studios for her. She revels in her work because of the instant connection she makes with listeners via a medium she calls the most vital, alive, wonderful in the world. “It’s the most-listened-to medium — it always has been, always will be. With all the technological advances and all the changes we’ve seen … nothing else even comes close. “People can connect with you,” she said. “There’s nothing more important than real relationships. And so I talk about my life and reflect that back to my listeners.” Radio World

Author: Jason Remington

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