Annoying Radio Commercial Jingles

Most commercial jingles are really, really bad, to the point that you will switch stations when the commercial comes on. What do you believe are some of the most ear-itating jingles/radio commercials these days?


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Author: Jason Remington

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5 thoughts on “Annoying Radio Commercial Jingles

  1. Worse than the Kars4Kids jingle is that they don’t tell what they do with the money. Who gets the charitable benefit?

    1. People should be aware (doing the research before dropping the cash) of just how much of any charity is going for the intended purpose. Knowing that it is usually spent on salaries for the execs of the charity, I only give locally, where I can see productivity. My church, the local food bank, or giving a couple times a year directly to the homeless. (That is easy to do, though it is just a drop in the bucket and won’t help in turning their lives around). I’m not Bill Gates and don’t give enough to make a difference in my taxes. I think the wealthy should be giving more, not just to get a seat on the board of some charity. (That sounds like socialism. Forgive me DJT!)

      1. Even though I don’t live in Washington anymore, my charities are Old Dog Haven and the Seattle-King County Humane Society. The Humane Society gave me a number to call if I wanted to donate a vehicle. I had a motorhome I’d lived in for ten years and the living area was well worn. The company promptly picked it up and took care of repairs and cosmetics. The auctioneer in Woodinville sold it for $25,000. After expenses, the Humane Society got a check for $13,000 and I got a letter for my tax return.

        I agree with you, Jason. Give locally, to places you can see and touch.

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