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Since you are receiving a number of submissions of KBFW logos, all of which are from the SRO days, I thought I would send you the one that was prominent from the late 1980’s until we (Bellingham Broadcasting Corp.) sold to Saga in 1998/99. It was on our station van, business cards, letterhead, etc. This logo served us well. We were in the days of it being difficult to compete as a music station with FM. The two FM stations that eroded some of our country share were JR Country in Vancouver BC and KMPS in Seattle. Regardless, during the time of our ownership, we were always able to post a profit, except the first couple of years in the 80’s…..where we showed lots of depreciation on the books. In fact, funny how it works, those were some of the best cash flow years, but not how it showed to the IRS. Often, with this patriotic theme logo, we had in bold text above or below the words “Support Your Local Country.” The intent was to both play on the pride of country music’s generally patriotic audience and to let listeners know we were local, This worked with reaching audience and, all important in commercial radio, it worked to stabilize our strong base of advertisers.

Steven L. Smith

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Author: Jason Remington

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1 thought on “KBFW Sticker

  1. mikec says:
    February 11, 2017 3:43 pm at
    Steven – I’ve never seen this logo before, although you did mention it’s existence – very nice. I would have added a ‘star’ (or some other symbol) up in the top left corner where Bellingham is located 🙂

    Steven Smith says:
    February 12, 2017 9:04 am at
    Mike, we hired a graphic artist to do that. Either he never thought of that star, we never did, or the idea was rejected for some reason. Variations of that were our longest serving logo….not all exactly the same but versions using the outline of the country.

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