7 thoughts on “Pat O’Day, CRUISIN 1966

  1. mikec says:
    December 24, 2016 3:14 pm at
    I had this LP at one time plus 4 others in the series. This is a great aircheck of the mighty Pat O’Day in his prime. Since I no longer have the album, I’ll make the time to listen to this

    radiofollower says:
    December 24, 2016 3:55 pm at
    I also had this entire series,all on vinyl and even had Pat autograph my copy of Cruisin’ 1966.Alas, sad to say I sold them all way back years ago when I went to country music (seems I couldn’t listen to many types of music, only one at a time,talk about being stupid!!).I now have the entire series (again) on cd but all have been cut to hell because of the rights to publish etc.The only one that stayed the same with 12 songs on it was Cruisin’ 1964 with Johnny Holiday on WHK in Cleveland.These were fun to listen to and still are.I only have the originals 1955-1967 and skipped the two late ones 1968 & 1969 which are not worth it in my opinion.Pat O’Day was the KING in radio here and I listened to him everyday when he was on air at KJR.It’s too bad that radio today isn’t like it was when Pat was on air.We had “real” dj’s on air in the station they said they were on, not like today’s voice tracking crap!

    pugetsound says:
    December 25, 2016 8:09 am at
    When stations switch formats these days– I hope one will choose OLDIES. But, so far, that hasn’t happened. The Golden Days are gone.

    radiofollower says:
    December 25, 2016 1:29 pm at
    I also hope that someone would have the nerve to start an Oldies format here covering the 50’s to 70’s music.I remember listening to KUUU and KSND when they were here.Also the last station we had KMCQ-FM which went in a change and now we have NONE.I have been told before that no one will take on a Oldies format of 50’s-60’s and maybe early 70’s music because there is no support for it and I say that is a crock of bs! The easiest way to do it would be all computer ran with no on air people thereby cutting your overhead and expenses.Do not tell me that there is “no” desire for an Oldies format…how do you know if you don’t go out and ask people?
    I have right now a collection of cd’s that cover the 50’s, 60’s,and doo wop music which I play all the time….the total of cd’s in this music is now 241 with more to come(Amazon is a great place for buying these) and 457 more in country.It would be nice to here these songs on radio but I think that isn’t going to happen until someone gets the fortitude to say the hell with ratings,bring a station on the air being automated and computer ran and give it a try.KIXI is the only station around here that plays those 50’s-60’s songs now and have you seen their ratings?…they average a 0.4 to maybe a 0.9 if they are lucky.I guess the owners depend on the FM station they own to carry the load as it gets good high ratings.
    Yes,the Golden Days of radio are gone…not just here in Seattle but all over the country.

    maplevalleymike says:
    December 26, 2016 12:09 am at
    What a great thing to post!

    1. Yes, a small world. I’ve lived in Montana since 1973, recently remarried, and discovered that my wife’s cousin in Aberdeen is married to Bill Wolfenbarger! We’ve had some good nostalgia sessions.

      I was wondering if KUUU ever, even for a brief time had a talk format? I seem to remember my folks involved in a talk format downtown Seattle briefly, perhaps at the behest of Norm Bobrow (who was an old friend and then our neighbor), but I can’t recall the the call sign of the station.

      And yes, very cool Mr Barer! I have wonderful memories of KQIN where Burl (related?) worked for a time. It was quite a circus!

  2. This is great! Brings back great memories. 🙂 My dad, along with Ed Garre, founded KASY. For some reason my mother didn’t for Ed or his wife (never was spoken about much), so he sold out I believe in 1960 and went on to found KAPY in Port Angeles (1290), and KQIN IN Burien (800). He also, with Chris Wedes, purchased KEED in Eugene. He was a great programmer, salesman and dreamer, but not such a great businessman. He never made anything from any of those great sounding stations – but they sure had a great sound! Thanks for hosting a very cool website.

    Todd Mowbray

    1. Thank you, Todd! All great radio stations back in the day. KING TV anchor Charles Herring later owned KAPY. In between jobs, I had applied at both KEED and KAPY. Small world.

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