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  1. Steven Smith says:
    October 21, 2016 2:45 pm at
    Back in the early 1970’s, when I was a news intern at KIXI, Ken Stuart was my supervisor and I often went out with Mac, Clarence McDaniel, who was like a roving reporter…..mainly a driver with a cassette recoder. He recorded a lot, asked few questions, but showed up at news events and setup his recorder. Then he would drive the tape back to the station, where Ken Stuart would pull out bits and pieces. A few years later the two of them were in the middle of a news scandal that was a big deal. Mac was on site at the uprising at Wounded Knee and recordings from his reporting were being shared, unknown to participants, with the FBI. That struck me as interesting because, in the time I was there, KIXI did not have a great rapport with the FBI. One time when Mac and I were driving in the KIXI news car, we were pulled over by Seattle PD and FBI. It was a warning basically, because those were turbulent times and the day before we had been in a motorcade slowly moving beside a march and Mac (who was African American) had given a ride to a protester who had sore feet. So the police wanted him to know that they knew about that and that they did not appreciate it. The story about KIXI sharing their reporting with the feds was big news nationally and remnants of the story are still online, below link.


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