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1 thought on “Two file for defunct Bellevue station

  1. mikec says:
    August 2, 2016 4:08 pm at
    I had no idea famed broadcaster Gordon McLendon almost became a player in Sea-Tac radio ownership. In spite of 1540 only having a maximum of 5 kW available, the visionary McLendon would have been a contender to reckon with for the powerhouse full-service outlets of that era. However, McLendon was seen as somewhat of a badass in the eyes of the CRTC due to his usage of XETRA 690 Tijuana to broadcast to southern Calif. It’s for that reason plus Kemper Freeman’s important business & personal ties to Bellevue that McLendon was denied approval for purchase of KBVU. KFKF would actually become the THIRD broadcaster to use 1540 in the Sea-Tac region. From approx 1947-51, Bremerton had a second radio station – daytimer KGIB, which presumably fell on hard times & ceased operating due to insufficient radio advertising for it and the more-successful KBRO

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