Media Snippets: Anchor desk bobbleheads

There hasn’t been any noticeable plastic surgery done to the TV talking heads here in Seattle, that we can detect. You have to go to Hollywood or New York to see that circus. An example is veteran air personality, Scott Shannon, pictured. That just ain’t natural! We will keep watching to see if Mark Wright has surgery for droopy eyelids, if Greg Copeland starts having his eyebrows waxed or gets a chin implant, or whether Dori Monson has vocal cord surgery to change the tenor of his voice. Regular listeners/viewers will know immediately.You’ll notice that women were not mentioned here. It is not our intent to upset the delicate blossoms displayed on our screens mornings and evenings. Without mentioning names, HD TV makes it obvious, one gal has a noticeable zit that is evident despite the heavy makeup and studio lighting. You know who you are.
Donald Trump, being a man’s man, has not had any plastic surgery done, altough he has a bad case of ptosis, and is sorely in need of a High-SMAS face and necklift. But, as a man-in-charge, Trump knows when to put some female reporter in her place. In a news conference in Miami Wednesday morning, Donald Trump told NBC News correspondent Katy Tur to “be quiet” as she tried to ask the GOP presidential candidate about his suggestion that Russia find and release Hillary Clinton‘s emails.

Why must anchors do stand-ups in the studio? KING 5 is huuuuge on this. The studio window onto the street is a fascination for pedestrians walking over to Safeco Field — and for the anchors. It is no longer of interest to viewers. Let’s move on. The reason the anchors do so many stand-up reports is to show off the studio gizmos and gadgets. There is a lot of money being poured into the mammoth video monitors and touch-screens. Q13’s news set has a section with a sofa, for more casual chats. KIRO 7 tried News Out of The Box years ago, maybe too soon. So, it seems now is the time for tech appreciation. The behind-the-scenes Facebook videos drawback the curtain even more. The FB chats, now a regular feature of some stations, seem to be must-see-TV for many people online. Seattle stations are not alone in this. Large and medium market stations nationwide are using FB and other platforms to showcase talent and socialize with viewers. This “promotion” replaces billboards and bus cards [WHAT??]. The other reason news anchors need to get up and walk around the set is to avoid a sedentary lifestyle. Keep watching your local news. There will be a segment on “Avoiding a Sedentary Lifestyle” coming up next hour. The anchor will be standing up.

Crime against news reporters is now a thing. WTHR Indianapolis reporter Emily Longnecker says she’s OK after being attacked last Friday. She said a man grabbed for her wallet and started punching her when she was getting out of her car. He also tried to push her back into the vehicle…Protesters at the Democratic National Convention shouted at Fox News correspondent Geraldo Rivera, in an incident that included one protester pouring a bottle of water over Rivera’s head. Another time when Geraldo really needed a towel…
But crimes committed by news reporters seems to be on the rise also. Something not mentioned in either the Republican or Democratic conventions.
WTNH Hartford meteorologist Justin Goldstein is set to appear in court this week to face child secks charges…Orlando Salinas, who spent 12 years as a Miami-based correspondent for Fox News, has been arrested in Montgomery County, Virginia, which is outside Roanoke. WSLS-TV reports Salinas faces charges of rape and forcible sodomy.
And in some cases, reporters are leaving TV for jobs outside the industry, offering better pay. Jobs with the state, real estate firms, and in many cases, forced-early retirement.
When Anthony Ponce quit Chicago NBC-owned station WMAQ, there was some speculation that he did so after being passed over for a promotion. What kind of money was he making? He quit WMAQ and went to work driving for LYFT.

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