Jim Wilke to retire

3/6/88-New KISW Morning Team Developing, KENU/Enumclaw Ownership Change

KFKF Changes Frequency; Stereo Stations Make Changes; 24 Hour NewsRadio

KTW Starts Rockin’, Imus In Traction

Because They’re Young: Greg Aust & Kevin O’Brien; Dick Curtis Fired From KOL

Robert O. Smith Rocks KTAC FM, KVI Airs OTR, Bob Corcoran Refuses To Yield

The Real Tracy Steele, KTW 2-Way radio, The Motown Story & History of Rock Presentations

Tom Murphy To KRLA, Scotty Brink Arrives, KISW & KOL Slice The Pie, KING-AM Rocks

KVI Pizazz, Quadraphonic Event @ KING, Christmas 1970

KING/KJR Bus Wars, KVI’s French Lessons, & Steve West Moves To KTAC

1/2 Of KING-AM 2-Man Team Absent @ Debut

Lan Roberts & Shakespeare, Bill Schonely Scores, House Probes Don Burden Dealings

Radio Notes: So Long, 1969

KAYO Picnic, Disc Jockey Purge, KOOD Stays Dark, KAYE Battle Details

Lan Roberts Ousted @KOL, KURB Sports, Puppet Hosts @ KBLE