Progressive Rock @ KLAY & KTAC FM, Buzz Barr Programs KING-AM, Don Clark Leaves KOL

Music Maker Don Clark, Larry Nelson Tests School Lunch, Harry Wappler Leaves For The Big Apple

Tracy Steel Tweaks KVI Playlist; CBS Radio Looks Forward To 21st Century

Tom Murphy Returns From KRLA, SRO Buys KTW, Robert O. Smith Moves From AM To FM @ KOL

R.C. Bannon Leaves Radio For Music Stardom, KUUU Music Variety, & Whatever Happened To The Greater FM Broadcasters Association?

1971: Bonaduce @ SeaFair, Scotty Brink’s Final Day @ KJR

Morton Replaces Roberts on KOL, Don Clark’s Housewives Serenade, & The Very Hip Norm Gregory

KVI’s National Day of Humor, Irving Clark Jr. Returns, Listeners Comment

The Real Tracy Steele, KTW 2-Way radio, The Motown Story & History of Rock Presentations

Tom Murphy To KRLA, Scotty Brink Arrives, KISW & KOL Slice The Pie, KING-AM Rocks

KVI Pizazz, Quadraphonic Event @ KING, Christmas 1970

Motown on KFKF, Face To Face With Roberta Byrd & A Sound Spectacular on KIRO

Boone Kirkman Fight On Radio, The Voices Of Lan Roberts & Terry McManus, and Don Clark’s Prison Concerts

KFKF & KIRO Fight Over Hit Parade, Gary Shannon Marries, KYAC Staff Returns, & The Connors “Brothers” Explained

George Garret Channels Dick Cavett, Jim Nelly Becomes GM @ KTAC, Corcoran Turns TV Program Over To Wife, Maynard Comes To KJR, The Further Troubles of KAYE

Naked Radio, Classical KISW Sneaks Progressive Rock Into Playlist, Stereo KOL FM Powers Up, & KRKO Celebrates 50th Anniversary

KURB Bikini Patrol, KVI Studio Parted Out & Cable Ownership Regulations

Murphy’s Comedy Hour, The Doors Can’t Light Seattle’s Fire, & Chuck Bolland Splits For Cincinnati

Bobby Simon Moves Back To KJR, Don Clark Returns From SF and Radio Salutes Memorial Day Weekend

Don Clark Leaves KIRO For KNBR

KREN’s International Music Format

January 29, 1969 Radio Notes

KTAC Changes to a Soft Rocker

December 1968 Radio Highlights

October 1968 Radio Highlights

South King County’s KREN

KOOD Lakewood, KSND Debut, KGA Billboards, Stu Martin Radio Show & CKWX Anniversary

KOL’s Last Run To The Top – 1969 to 1972

Don Clark Prison Concerts End

KJR Issues Promotional Music Album

1970 – KTAC Moves To Tacoma Mall Office Building

Seattle’s Don Clark Behind the Robert W. Morgan Radio Series