5 thoughts on “KFKF & KIRO Fight Over Hit Parade, Gary Shannon Marries, KYAC Staff Returns, & The Connors “Brothers” Explained

  1. His real name was Robert Lee
    Adams and worked a lot of major stations, including KFI. The other Bob Shannon (Don Bombard) was on NYC stations such as WCBS-FM

  2. I distinctly remember when I was 14 and KFKF-FM 92.5 launched Hit Parade, and that for a brief time it was also still on KIRO-FM, which back then was at 100.7 on the dial. I loved Hit Parade. Thought it was a great format. Wish we still had it today.

  3. A lot of interesting information. I did not know that the Puget Sound had Drake/chenault “solid gold” format before anyone else. I also did not know KIRO-FM ran the show illegally at the same time as KFKF-FM. That sure does not sound like KIRO. I must admit I cannot help but wonder about that morning guy at KOMO? In four months, KISW will be rockin.

    1. The Connors “brothers” reminds me of when Bob Shannon came to KJR when Gary Shannon was there. Pat O’Day massively promoted them as brothers, and I fell for it

      1. I do not remember Bob Shannon. Did he go by any other name? If this was the East Coast Bob Shannon, he made no impression on me. Sorry.

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