Bellevue firm to deliver packaged radio

VICTOR STREDICKE March 31, 1989 – A national radio-program service will originate from Bellevue, supplying disc-jockey voices and specialized music to radio stations across the country. Ivan Braiker, formerly a co-founder of Satellite Music Network and Transtar, national radio-format services, said his new firm Braiker Radio services will provide radio stations with satellite-fed, personality-driven programming. Rick Sklar, early rock disc jockey and the former head of radio programming for the American Broadcasting Co., will be vice president of programming. Four formats will be available: adult contemporary, contemporary hit radio, oldies, or a new “mega-format” targeted to adults age 30-50. The Northwest radio personality Pat O’Day will be vice president of concept and development. The new format service also includes prepackaged turnkey promotions for station operators. That involves jingles and audience-promotion packages. The services will be supplied without commercials; stations will sell all the advertising locally without having to include network commercials. Braiker most recently was an executive of Olympic Broadcasting, which operated a chain of radio stations including KRPM-AM-FM. A group of Seattle investors are involved in the new business. Several Seattle and Tacoma stations use the competing Satellite Music Network and Transtar programming for all or portions of their broadcast day. A company in Bellevue, Broadcast Programming Inc., supplies music and disc-jockey segments to out-of-town stations by tape.

Author: Victor Stredicke

Former radio columnist for the Seattle Times (1964-1989). --- View other articles by Victor Stredicke

2 thoughts on “Bellevue firm to deliver packaged radio

  1. Back when the Rainier Radio website still existed(side note, it kind of stinks that the site went away, but eh…), they had an aircheck of the Braiker Satellite Service with Bobby Simon I believe, as the air talent…

    I actually listened to it, and it was OK, and there was a Burl Barer giving TV recommendations segment; for some reason, the site though listed it was being from KJR, but(and someone who was around back then can correct me if i’m wrong; I was 5 back at the time, so I wasn’t listening to much radio :)… I don’t recall 950 AM ever airing programming from that service.

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