Don Chapman Booted From KOMO 1000

February 1984–

Author: Victor Stredicke

Former radio columnist for the Seattle Times (1964-1989). --- View other articles by Victor Stredicke
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12 thoughts on “Don Chapman Booted From KOMO 1000

  1. The issue with Chapman could have been either ratings or a difference in his style to what the program director was looking for. There are no known airchecks of Chapman, or available ratings info for that time period, so unless someone recalls listening to KOMO and hearing Chapman, who is to say? We have to go with Chapman’s word: It was those dreaded aircheck sessions.

  2. Very strange to come across this online. I was just going through some papers of my late father’s yesterday. He was my dad.

    1. Initially, George Richey, Buck’s brother, took over Chris Lane’s time slot. Paul Scott went to the Midnight shift, his 7pm replacement was Dan Williams.

      1. George Richey (Richardson) took over KAYO middays when Chris Lane went to WJJD in Chicago. On KAYO, he was Gentleman George, no last name. Richey was a country songwriter and wrote hits for Lynn Anderson, his future wife Tammy Wynette, and George Jones. He was also a record producer in Nashville and a session piano player for stars such as Marty Robbins and Lefty Frizzell. He died of C. O. P. D.

          1. They weren’t related. Buck was born Marion Lester Ritchey in 1915. George was born George Baker Richardson in 1935.

  3. Don Chapman was either the first or second all-night jock on Kountry KAYO. Or maybe Paul Scott was the first and Don the second.

    1. Paul Scott worked 7p-Midnight sign off. When KAYO went 24 hours, Saturday March 8th 1963, Don Chapman came aboard and had the Midnight to 6a. KAYO signed off Sunday nights at 11p for maintenance.

      1. Walt Bjerke, who had been at KLAN, became Dan Williams and was hired for evenings until midnight when KAYO went country, and I think Paul Scott did the all nighter. I seem to remember Don Chapman some time later. Smilin’ Eddie Briggs was in there somewhere, but maybe that’s just my crumbling grey matter busting a few more cogs.

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