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3 thoughts on “George Toles Moves To KIRO 710

  1. George Toles did a great job as the Seattle Sonics P.A. announcer. He was easy on the ears, so unlike the obnoxious P.A. guys of today…After Harry John Martin got out of prison, he graduated to breaking into gum-ball machines.

  2. Harry John Martin sounds like a guy who does not deserve a break. He should have served that extra year (is that all?) as well as the rest of his other sentence. You would think he would learn by now.

  3. I enjoyed public address work for Saint Martin’s and two years at UT-El Paso. Most memorable was an exhibition at the Saints gym of the Sonics and Golden State Warriors. Got to introduce them all and call the substitutions. Bob Blackburn at my left and Bill King to my right. From the first minute of the first game I wanted to sound just like George Toles. Smooth, crisp, accurate enunciation; a velvety delivery nowhere heard today with all that faux and unnecessary hype.

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