KTAC Changes to a Soft Rocker

January 19, 1969

Tippy-toeing down the rocky road to radio riches, KTAC is in the midst of a format change.
Within the next week or so the station will complete staff assignments and, presumably take the big step forward: Telling people about it.
A modified rock format has been superimposed over the station’s present up-tempo, lively music.
Tom Connors, now musical director at KTAC, said the station will be an adult contemporary station with emphasis on news and air personalities. A “soft” top 40 list will get featured play. ABC Entertainment Network news will continue to be offered. The station also broadcasts University of Puget Sound basketball.
Connors was a former disk jockey at KXLY and KOL, and was an air personality and music director at KRKO.
Dale Watson, new general manager, said KTAC has plans to become the dominant radio station in Tacoma and a major contender in the King-Pierce County area.
KTAC operates at 850 kc, Tacoma, with an 18 hour day. KTAC-FM will continue with limited simulcast of the AM and it’s nightly six-hour jazz format.

Several radio stations, notably, KING-AM and KOMO, have prepared frequent reports on the legislature in Olympia.

KRKO is offering aerial traffic reports in the afternoon only “due to bad flying conditions in the winter morning hours.”

KBBX considers itself a radio station, not an FM station, but concludes, “unlike most radio stations, our announcers do not talk between records.”

A dedicated listener (to say the least) informs us that last week for more than an hour KIRO FM had automation trouble. Through the 7 o’clock hour. That morning it played and replayed a Smokey the Bear commercial.

KING-AM is holding until February, its previously announced news blocks, “Today-Tonight-Tomorrow.”

What I want to know is how did Tom Murphy get Tiny Tim’s ukulele–which Murphy eventually gave away to a KJR listener?

A new radio station has been proposed for Yakima by Treadwell Broadcasters. Subject to FCC approval, the station would be a daytimer at 1140 kc.

The CBS and NBC radio networks have offered extensive coverage of the Nixon inauguration Monday. KIRO AM will carry most of it. KING-AM will discriminate.

Don Clark of KIRO AM is out on another International buying spree. Armed with listener pledges of under $300, Clark is dickering by phone for the Maginot Line. Wire services have reported that the fortification structures are for sale. Clark still sports a large chunk of the London Bridge on his desk to prove anything is possible in the wonderful world of radio.

Separation of KTNT from its FM unit is promised for next month. Glenn Brooke, program director at the Tacoma station, said the FM facility will be heavily oriented to news features and public service programs.

Lloyd Allen, KXA announcer, has been named chief announcer at the station. Del Olney, once of KIXI, then KGMI, comes back to Seattle on KXA this month.

Good listener promotion was noted on KING FM during the Christmas-New Year’s holidays. A simple spot announcement explained the station hours, dial setting and music policy–for all the folks just learning to use their new FM present. The timely announcement was an example of the kind of thinking FM radio needs.

Author: Victor Stredicke

Former radio columnist for the Seattle Times (1964-1989). --- View other articles by Victor Stredicke

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