2 thoughts on “Marian Seymour at KJR

  1. Marion Seymour… what can I say? This high-school junior first heard her lovely radio voice one late night/early morning after partying like it was 1975….. uh, it WAS 1975…. For some reason KISW and the somewhat new KZOK wasn’t cutting it that night so I gave the dial on my little stereo a spin. Now I liked ‘DX’ng on an old 1930’s AM radio so fishing around for stations was sort of a pastime for me. I just never did it much on FM as there was no ‘skip’.

    When I hit KZAM, the easy-on-the-ears voice came through my headphones and I sat back. It was some announcement about a local band playing at a local bar, then she played a John Prine tune. I was hooked! I’d take naps sometimes just so I could wake up to hear her nighttime show. I also was hooked on KZAM from then on.

    It was good reading this!

  2. As a diehard KZAM listener & fan I was quite familiar with Marion Seymour’s warm, yet brisk paced DJ patter every morning on 92.5 I only got to hear her a handful of times on KJR due to employment, but think she fit pretty nicely into the station’s sound on those few occasions I got to tune in. All the ladies at KZAM did a great job of adding character to the unique station & stood out among their male counterparts while on air.

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