Longtime Q13 Weather Anchor Walter Kelley departs

“Q13 FOX” KCPQ-TV News Director Erik Breon announced to staff in a memo today that 23 year Chief Weather Anchor Walter Kelley is leaving the FOX O/O station to be closer to family in Phoenix AZ.  The memo noted: “Walter has been with “Q13” since 1997 helping Western Washington survive many historic weather events.” His last day on air will be June 25.  The station has posted the position.

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Author: Mike Cherry

retired broadcaster: on-air, MD, PD, asst PD, Prod Mgr, IT, station technician/engineer, pioneer Internet webcaster, station installation/maintenance; 12 years in commercial radio, 17 years volunteer in campus/community radio in B.C., Alberta & Wash. Amateur radio operator & "DXer" specializing in AM night-time DX, short-wave DX/listening & remote SDR DXing/listening

46 thoughts on “Longtime Q13 Weather Anchor Walter Kelley departs

  1. Walter Kelly our favorite Weather Man. So sorry to see him leave. We travel to Arizona each Winter and wondering if he will be working at a station in the Phoenix Area?

  2. Will miss Walter. I remember meeting him once at a Capitol Hill restaurant and he’s as genuine and real in person as he is on the broadcast. Best wishes to him in his next journey.

  3. You will be missed. I remember you doing your broadcast on or near Halloween one time at our Halloween decorated home in WS.
    That was so much fun.

    Best of wishes to your new adventure.

  4. Walter,
    will always miss how you report the weather and genuine care for the people of the PNW. More importantly your warm and funny personality made me look forward to the news each day. Enjoy your family and God bless!

    McCleary, Wa.

  5. Thanks Walter:

    Always looked forward to your forecast and your keen perspective. It will take a while before I can believe in anybody forecasting the way I relied and trusted in you. Enjoy your family, always see about them.


  6. Best ever going to miss you. Met your dad the Colonel down in Bend, very nice man. Said how proud of you he was of you. Thank you for explaining the weather so expertly to us. SMc

  7. Walter,
    You are the best weatherman ever!! We have lived in Phx, and have family there. You can ski up north in Flagstaff, or in the White mts. You will love A/C. Biking is great there, lots of mts to hike, esp the Moggolian Rim and MT Humphrey. Check out Horton Springs, lots of good hiking.

    We will miss our 10 pm newscasts with you. You are clearly our favorite weatherman. LOVE your suits, your smile, your delivery. You are the best dressed weatherman we know. Can’t tell you how much we look forward to your broadcasts each night. It will be IMPOSSIBLE to replace you. First Marni, now you and Steve Raible. ;( Sad. Just cannot believe that you are leaving. We are so sad to lose you, seriously! You have been part of our evening for many years.

    May God bless you and strengthen your family as you go to the Valley of the Sun. Our loss, AZ’s gain. Surely will miss you Walter.

    All the best,
    M & D

  8. Always looked forward to seeing your forecast and how you present it to us viewers. Best wishes to you and your family in Arizona.

  9. WOW! Just got back into the US from international flight restrictions and just found our THE BEST WEATHER GUY EVER is leaving! We could ALWAYS depend on your forecasts. Better than the weather reports is your outgoing personality! It’s been a pleasure to watch you all these years. Maybe will have to watch Phoenix Weather should you get a gig down there! Wishing you the BEST!

  10. Of all the weatherpeople I have watched over the years beginning in 1959, you are the best I have ever seen. And there were some really good ones during that time covering Colorado Springs, Denver, Grand Forks ND, Tucson and San Diego. Your personality, enthusiasm, sense of humor and ability to explain the weather in understandable terms is exceptional. Your dedication to educate the viewers about the how and why of weather events is unusual and enlightening. I’ve never seen any other weatherperson do this in both the technical and layman terms as well as you do. I’m really bummed you’re leaving Seattle but wish you and your family the very best. Thank you for allowing me to watch you do your thing for the last 10 years. You will definitely be missed.

  11. You are the best Walter! You bring fun and such positive vibes. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate and respect what you stand for. You will be missed. All the best to you!!

  12. Walter, Thankyou for making my husband and I smile each night! We ALWAYS ran to see your uplifting reports. Every day! We will miss you Walter. God Bless!

  13. Walter you,re the best. A spirit guide whose brutal honesty makes nature
    Sit up and listen. I would have guessed you were born in the northwest.
    When you get around to it comeback for a cameo now and again.
    Please stay healthy and keep you charismatic optimism. Love you

  14. Its better to love out of reach,
    Than to love all the things you can hold.
    Its better to follow your heart,
    Than to only hear what you are told…

    Walter, your an alto stratus cumulus born convergence zone ninja. I’ll miss you dearly sir. Best wishes with your family 👪

  15. I have been tremendously entertained with your forecasting, Walter. And, I’ve learned a lot about weather too. You’re a real gem. thank you

  16. What!..Walter..you will be sooooo missed…but we expect you to “Live Long and Prosper” down there in all that heat..no snow will be safe from our Walter!…blessings to you and your Dear family..this can’t be goodbye…just good luck!

  17. We bumped into Walter and his family in Port Townsend a few summers back, Walter is the real deal he is Goofy on camera and off camera
    best of luck Walter you are the Best……..

  18. Oh no, the best weather guy ever. We always wait for his very interesting forecast. We also lived in Az. Weather forecasts here is very different, also lived in Il. The weather there is extreme. Enjoy AZ have fun with the family, you will be missed.

    1. After 50 years of living in the Seattle area, two weather casters have set the standard for professional excellence: Harry Wappler and Walter Kelly. Aside from your engaging personalities, you both did what no one else does. You turn your hips, approach the camera and converse with your viewers. I’ll miss you immensely!

  19. Walter,
    We have enjoyed and respected your weather casts almost as long as you have been here in Seattle We always change to you to listen before the end of our day
    You will be GREATLY missed!!
    We respect your decision to be closer to family
    Get ready to be reporting nothing but SUN !!!! And hot !!!
    Our best wishes to you and yours
    Michele and Steve Versteeg- Covington

  20. Always enjoyed your weather commentary – couldn’t think about going to bed until you came on at 10 p.m. As we say in the Navy, I wish you “fair winds and following seas”. You will be missed!

  21. We will miss you Walter, my mom always says Walter’s here. Enjoy being back with your family. Miss you a lot. Best wishes

  22. Thanks for being yourself Walter, I get the biggest kick watching your honest facial expressions as you watch the news with us as it unfolds. Your a one of kind make the weather feel like it’s part of us instead of it just being out there. Thanks for your years of being our go to Weatherman.

  23. Walter, you will be a success wherever you are. I am excited for your move as we will be moving near Phoenix in November so I will still have the opportunity to follow your weather forecast and adventures for many years to come. 🤗 Good luck!

  24. Good luck Walter,
    We have a place down there too.
    They need someone who’s not using the word “uh” all the time. Watching the news down there is like watching an apprenticeship news cast. It’s actually funny!
    You’ll do great down there….
    PS… might want to trade in those long sleeves for short sleeves and loose the jacket.
    Folks are very casual down there.

  25. I loved watching Walter and how excited he got when weather was fun…his cheeks would get all pink and eyes would light up! You’ll be missed! Carole

  26. Wow, Walter . . . I will miss your goofy antics! I never enjoyed watching the weather until I discovered you. You made weather FUN. Good luck in Arizona. Lots of people will miss you!

  27. Wow can’t believe your leaving but like people said family is important !! You will be missed think I be watched you from the first time you were on!!! God live ya good luck safe trip!!

  28. Walter you will be sorely missed. Always trusted your weather forecast and your
    great explanations of weather situations, and your great personality.
    Good luck in all of your future endeavors, take care & bless. Enjoy your family.
    Very best.

  29. Wow! So, so sorry to see you go, Walter! You have been the reason we switched from KOMO to Q13 for the news.
    Good luck in Arizona….we will certainly miss you.

  30. You will be missed thank you for all the years you were with us all. Good luck in your new adventure wishing you only the best.

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