Phantom Stations: 1590 KLFF Mead

Updated to add start of broadcasting and end of broadcasting dates.

KLFF Business Card, from Bill Harms’ “Spokane Radio History” website



1590 KLFF Mead operated from summer 1962 to March 1966, according to Bill Harms Spokane Radio History.  The station operated from 6am-sunset with 1,000 watts.  When it first signed on, KLFF  “Clef Radio” briefly ran a top 40 format & then switched to country. In Feb. 1966, the station was broken into & it’s entire studio equipment was stolen.  The station went silent after that & turned in the license.  KLFF  had a poor signal that could only be heard in Mead & the northern portion of Spokane.  It’s signal had trouble penetrating the downtown area & could not be heard in the Valley or Spokane’s south side.  The station always had a struggle with revenue & eventually became financially unfeasible.

1963 “Radio Annual” listing

1963 “Broadcasting Yearbook” listing

1965 “Radio Annual” listing

1965 “Broadcasting Yearbook listing


“Spokane Daily Chronicle”  radio sked listing, March 1966 shortly before the station ceased operation.

Former KLFF “Clef Radio”engineer Art Blum told Bill Harms that the station’s studio building had first been located in downtown Spokane & originally sat on the Division Street side of the Northtown Shopping Center and was used as a temporary, inexpensive, wooden structure for a bank while their permanent building was under construction. Ed Jacobson and Dick Dailey were able to buy it cheaply and moved it to the station’s transmitter site at East 2221 Lincoln Road, and made it into their studio.

KLFF “Clef Radio” studio building, June 2005. Photo: Bill Harms, Spokane Radio History

Author: Mike Cherry

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