On The Road Again with Hardwick

October 16, 1983
Bob Hardwick broadcasts this week from the Woodland Park zoo, with the Hardwick Road Show Motorhome parked someplace between the flamingos and the gorillas.
Hardwick intends frequent morning broadcasts away from the radio studios, in the manner of recent broadcasts from Ballard and from the Western Washington Fair. Last week he was at Snoqualmie Falls.
“These are not shopping center remotes,” he said. In the past, Robert E. Lee Hardwick has rebelled at sales department efforts to sell storefront broadcasts. This series is solely to make for good radio, he said.
“For an AM radio station to survive, it must develop a personal relationship with its listeners,” Hardwick said. He thinks the remotes will add to his morning show.

KQIN expects to be into a new format by Monday, drawing music from the Satellite Music Network’s Star Station service. John Irons, station manager, said the fare will be “good, true adult contemporary music.” KQIN has other pieces of the puzzle underway, designed to make the station more visible in the marketplace, including promotional giveaways and a proposal before the Federal Communications Commission for extended hours.

Bob Roberts is due back on the air Monday morning at KIXI, after leg surgery.

Sean Lynch, midmorning personality, has been named program director of KNBQ. He continues his 10 AM to 2 PM air shift. The station has also contracted services of Paul Christy, Detroit radio consultant.

Solid Gold Saturday Night national oldies program that disappeared from the FM band recently, has been picked up by KJR. The RKO network feature, hosted by Dick Bartley, runs from 7 PM to midnight Saturdays.

The Rock of the 80s Countdown, with Freddie Snakeskin, airing 5 PM Sundays on KYYX, is due for cancellation, unless a new syndicator picks it up.

Author: Victor Stredicke

Former radio columnist for the Seattle Times (1964-1989). --- View other articles by Victor Stredicke

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