Contest Time Across The Dial

October 21, 1984
Some radio stations have indeed reacted to KHIT’s $1 million giveaway, announced at the beginning of this quarters Arbitron rating period.
The most spectacular radio giveaway is amplification of the premise that it costs a lot of money to call attention to yourself in a marketplace that contains 50 broadcasting signals. KLSY introduced a second-year version of its People’s Choice Incredible Prize Catalog sweepstakes. KLSY officials say only that the promotion is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. Other stations promise big rewards: a selected KJR listener will eventually participate in a million-dollar hoop shoot from the Kingdome’s midcourt line. Less athletic, but also a long shot, selected KIRO AM listeners who predict the score of the next day’s Sonics game could win $1 million. The actuaries must be confident of few payouts in a high-scoring game like professional basketball. KNBQ modified its planned contest, making it very easy for a listener to win, ninth caller, no other limitations. KMPS AM will reintroduce its bingo like game card; a winner every daytime power.

Robert L Powers, general manager of Krista broadcasting’s KCMS and KCIS, has been named a vice president of Christa ministries.

Bob Liddle has taken over the morning show on KIXI AM after Bob Roberts resigned. Roberts, apparently worn out from four years of early rising, is likely to appear again with some sort of live big-band experience.

Lynn Francisco, formerly reporter/anchor for KING 1090, has been appointed news director of KPLU.

October 28, 1984
Susan Glass, this week entered the high-performance world of the morning air personality, although her shift is longer than any, from 6 AM to noon, on KIXI FM. Her preferred style is that of serious one-to-one communication. She had been working weekends and fill-ins at KIXI FM since August. Before moving here, she had been at KOWL, South Lake Tahoe, Nevada.

Ric Hansen, previously only a fill-in afternoon personality at KNBQ, has been named afternoon host and program director. Hansen previously worked at KJR and KTAC, and was programmer of the latter during its high rated top 40 days. Hansen is the voice of the lottery in nightly Olympia telecasts and as movie host on channel 11. Don Hoffman, KNBQ’s operations director, said Hansen is good at detail and improving talent performance.

Terry MacDonald left the morning shift at KIXI FM, but his voice will continue to be heard on a variety of radio and television commercials and at athletic events.
KIXI FM completes shuffles Monday when Mark Christopher weekend announcer moves into the noon to 6 PM time slot, followed by Paul Walker in the 6 PM to midnight slot. Dan Murphy moves to the all-night slot.
Bill Norton, KIXI’s program director, relinquished his midday shift to devote more time to duties as program-music director.
Tracy Mitchell, former program director at KJR, after looking for a strong afternoon personality familiar with the marketplace, found one: say goodbye to Tracy Mitchell, program director; say hello to Tracy Mitchell, afternoon KJR jock.

This is notice to all that KJR is looking for a new program director, versed in music, promotion and, ultimately, sports, says Max Steen, general manager.

Jay Lawrence, formerly of KMPS AM, is back on the air at KJJJ, Phoenix.

Brady Wright, KMPS-FM morning man, and Ellen Matsumoto have announced their wedding for November 10.

Bill Crawford formerly with KKFX, is doing afternoon drive at KQEU, Olympia, and is promotion director.

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