Stephens Media Group acquires Mapleton’s Spokane stations

Oklahoma based Stephens Media Group (SMG) has just purchased 37 radio properties in 7 markets from Mapleton Communications which include that company’s Spokane stations.  This acquisition signals an exiting from radio by Mapleton & increases SMG’s station ownership in Wash. state.  KGA-AM, KJRB-FM, KZBD-AM, KEYF-FM, KDRK-FM & KBBD-FM will now be o/o by SMG giving it a significant presence in the market.  No selling price has yet been announced.  In April 2018 Stephens Media Group struck a $10.725 million deal to buy a dozen full-power stations and two FM translators from the Ingstad family in the Tri-Cities, WA and Yakima, WA markets.  These include Yakima’s KHHK-FM, KBBO-AM, KXDD-FM, KRSE-FM; Selah’s KTCR-AM; Tri-Cities KALE-AM, KJOX-AM, KIOK-FM, KEGX-FM; & Grandview’s KARY-FM.  Both parties have agreed to an immediate LMA with Stephens Media Group for all the properties. Headed by David Stephens, SMG owns stations in Tulsa and Ardmore, OK; Watertown, Ogdensburg, Massena, and Rochester, NY.  Stephens commented, “These seven markets fit nicely within our company. This acquisition doubles our size, and I couldn’t be more pleased.”

Author: Mike Cherry

retired broadcaster: on-air, MD, PD, asst PD, Prod Mgr, IT, station technician/engineer, pioneer Internet webcaster, station installation/maintenance; 12 years in commercial radio, 17 years volunteer in campus/community radio in B.C., Alberta & Wash. Amateur radio operator & "DXer" specializing in AM night-time DX, short-wave DX/listening & remote SDR DXing/listening

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