Morning Success Story

March 27th 1983

Robert O Smith, air personality at KIXI FM the past three years, leaves soon for Vancouver BC. Can’t tell you what station yet, Robert O. says, since the fellow he’s replacing hasn’t been told, and there’s high readership of this column in Vancouver. That’s what Robert O. says anyhow . Meanwhile, KIXI-FM introduced a new morning personality, Mark Christopher, to replace Robert O. Christopher has an audio success story of his own. A Seattle lad, Christopher three years ago started in radio at small stations in Colfax and Shelton, stepped up to Spokane, and 6 months ago moved back home to KIXI for weekend work. Bill Norton, KIXI FM program director, never had encountered a young man who works so hard and generated such favorable response. Instead of promoting Christopher to the next logical step, all nights or something like that, he gave him the morning time slot. “It’s really quite a challenge,” Christopher, in his early twenties, said. “I grew up listening to the personality greats like Robert O Smith and the old Emperor Smith. This is like a dream come true. ”

The Lost Dollar

When Charlie Brown cashed his first KUBE paycheck two years ago, he marked a dollar bill, memorized the serial number, and kept it as a good luck piece. This month, by mistake, he spent it. Brown told the station manager, Michael O’Shea, he was going to ask the listeners to find it. O’Shea turned it into a promotional event. Since Saint Patrick’s Day, the station has been offering a cash reward for a dollar. The reward goes up by $93 or more each day. if you find it, it’s not a wise idea to keep it too long. O’Shea has a set figure above which he is not prepared to go. After that date the dollar is worth but a buck once again.

New weekend announcers at KIXI FM are Joe Cooper, formerly of KING-AM, and Kacie Sommers, formerly of KJR and KTAC

Author: Victor Stredicke

Former radio columnist for the Seattle Times (1964-1989). --- View other articles by Victor Stredicke

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