KOL hangs it up! – 1975

Here’s KOL’s last day on the air — Aug. 31, 1975 — Just before 1300 became KMPS country. The jocks are Mike O’Conner, Roger Dale and Lee Chase. You’ll hear Burl Barer and Bobby Simon on the telephone talking about KOL past, and — WOW! — while the body’s still warm, both KING and KJR are blatantly bidding for KOL’s soon-to-be-abandoned listeners. There’s also an audio jockshot sweep of some former KOL greats, including a Terry McManus station ID, and a rollcall of nine unforgettable KOL news voices. Composite clip (immediately below) runs about 5:15.


For the rest of the KOL story, click on this link to the followup article: KOL’s Last Day (Part 2)

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Author: Ronald DeHart

Ron DeHart is a former newspaper and broadcast journalist and a retired Public Affairs Officer from both the U.S. Forest Service and the U.S. Navy/Naval Reserve. His historical accounts of Pacific Northwest broadcasting are published by Puget Sound Media. View more articles by Ron DeHart  
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