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June 22, 1980
Victor Stredicke

Surely this will vex some listeners, already confused by what’s happening in news-radio. If they are hooked on news voices, they’ll have to do some studious dial switching. KAYO takes the NBC radio network away from KIXI tomorrow. That means KAYO will drop the ABC Entertainment network. By month-end, ABC Entertainment will be picked up by KEZX.
You may recall KVI recently added the Mutual Network. That’s where you turn now for Jack Anderson commentary. Where do you find Howard Cosell? You don’t, unless you tune to KRKO Everett, which recently became an ABC Contemporary network affiliate. And where would you hear John Chancellor and David Brinkley?
Not KAYO. Not their commentaries, anyhow. KAYO will “pick and choose” NBC features. But it’s a safe bet the station will choose mostly news-on-the-hour only. Alex Simas, KAYO’s operations director, said the station would carry the Sunday news interview feature, Meet the Press, which previous NBC affiliates KING-AM, KIRO and KIXI gave short shrift to.
There’s one more source for NBC news and features: KMO Tacoma will also become an NBC radio network affiliate, and there’s a good chance that station will air more features than KAYO. Ken Mattler, KMO’s news director, was also picking and choosing, OK’ing Gene Shalit, pondering Joyce Brothers, accepting David Brinkley, turning thumbs down on John Chancellor’s commentaries.
Don’t expect much on KEZX. Ron Rosenthal, general manager, said KEZX has 2 min. an hour of news and this would not change. There would be judicious selection of ABC features.
What KEZX will probably do is “strip” the network — run all of the network-supplied commercials in their appropriate timeslots, but skip all the news and features. That’s an indignity that the four ABC radio networks occasionally suffer just to get commercial placement in some cities. Previously, KJR and KING-AM used to do the same thing to the ABC Contemporary network when they were affiliates.
What about KIXI, with its morning news block and no network? It’s pretty quiet over there. A staff member said the station would introduce “a new network service, not being used in this area.” I don’t know what that would be.


Larry B Campbell, from KGW, has been promoted to general manager of KING-AM. He joined the King Broadcasting Company staff in 1967 and has served as manager of KREM AM & FM Spokane, and was station manager, KGW AM Portland. Keith Lollis, who preceded Campbell as manager of KING-AM, has been appointed program director of KING-TV.

Dial twisting

Lloyd Allen, all-night announcer at KOMO the past 11 years, will be leaving the station soon.
Rob Conrad, KING-AM program director, lost his job when KING-AM switched to “soft rock.” Bruce Murdock, music director, is acting program director.
Bob Case, from KTAC, has joined the KJR airstaff as weekend announcer.
Jeff King has been appointed program director of KPLZ. He comes from KSEL AM & FM Lubbock.
Denny Luell is new program director of KTNT. He comes from KUHL Santa Maria, California.
Paul Miller is new host of KTAC 6 PM timeslot. He formerly went by the name Paul Walker at KING-AM.
Peter McLaine, formerly a weekend announcer, has a full shift, all nights from 2 AM on KTAC.
Evelyn Tinkham, public affairs director of KONP Port Angeles, is president of the Evergreen Chapter of American Women in Radio and Television in Seattle.

Author: Victor Stredicke

Former radio columnist for the Seattle Times (1964-1989). --- View other articles by Victor Stredicke

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