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  1. From the Internet Archive (www.archive.org) we reclaim some of our Lost Comments:

    mikec says:
    August 6, 2018 2:23 pm at
    When KLSY “Classy 92.5” debuted, it was anything BUT “elevator music”. Out of the box, it would best be described as ‘Hot AC/adult top40’ & was the beginning of the split in AC music to various sub-genres & differed greatly from the ‘soft AC’ or gold-based AC stations of the time. As a shell-shocked, unhappy listener that my favorite station of the past 8 years was now gone, instead of Larry Snyder’s morning show I was greeted that Sept. ’83 Monday by automated Prince, Wham!, McGarragle Sisters, Culture Club & Toto plus plenty of “Classy” ID liners! 🙁 In spite of what Sandusky Seattle manager Dana Horner tells (or doesn’t tell) Victor in this article, plans would have been well in place by May for the switchover prior to press deadline. This new Hot AC approach was developed by Texas based AC programmer George Johns who had been consulting & licensing this new ‘package’ as “Class” or “Classy” depending upon what new call letters could be obtained to reflect either of these words. It emphasized upbeat, almost rockin’ tempos aimed at the younger end of the adult demo. As noted, Sandusky’s KC property had already switched to the new format & adopted “KLSI” for calls. I’m going to stick to my speculative pondering that Gary Lockwood was to be the intended morning drive host to launch the new format, had legalities not gotten in the way.

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