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  1. From the Internet Archive, some of our Lost Comments—

    mikec says:
    July 23, 2018 2:30 pm at
    Under Carol Handley, K-JZZ 1540 did offer a broader definition of the format but was stuck on AM – not the best place to listen to some of the subtler, quieter passages in the music. Shortly the Sea-Tac region would gain an FM mostly devoted to jazz – KPLU 88.5 with it’s higher power reaching a large population in the northwest.

    This the first I’ve seen in print on Lacey/Tumwater’s KTOL 1500, now on 1280 with Spanish-language programming. Although Victor makes no mention, KTOL was a daytimer signing off at sunset each broadcast day.

    The application by Spanish American Radio Corp for AM 1200 kHz, had it been initially accepted, would have eventually been tossed out by the FCC based on it’s chosen frequency. The N. America AM Radio Agreement of 1941, divvies up the spectrum between the US, Canada, Mexico, Cuba, central American & Caribbean countries, which included issuing “clear channels” to partner countries. Under this agreement, 1200 is assigned to Canada as a “clear”. Shortly after Victor’s column, Victoria’s CKDA 1220 (an irritant to daytimer KASY!) moved to 1200 & increased to 50 kW power. It would not have been possible to use this in the Sea-Tac region for other than a low powered daytime signal. & therefore would have been rejected. As with many other Canadian AM’s, CKDA would eventually shut down 1200 & move to FM. After a few years of silence on the frequency, new 25 kW station CJRJ “RJ1200” launched in Vancouver with a youth-oriented Punjabi language format. KASY Auburn would eventually gain use of 1210, expanding it’s airtime & increasing it’s power.

    Steven Smith says:
    July 24, 2018 7:45 am at
    I used to listen to Ckda sometimes as a kid. I did not know they had shuttered their AM. Too bad, hard to believe they could not do something viable enough with it to have kept 50K on the air in Victoria.
    What Victoria station was Barry Bowman with?

    mikec says:
    July 24, 2018 2:33 pm at
    Steven – CKDA shut down the AM a few decades ago & flipped to 91.3. It’s calls at the time were CKXM with a country format & the calls & format wnet onto the FM. Eventually 91.3 would become CJZN “The Zone” & it airs modern/alternative rock:


    I agree that shutting down a blowtorch 50kW on 1200 was a poor move as this signal could be hear all up/down the Pacific coast & across the Pacific Rim to Australia, Japan & others! I’m surprised that at the time, C-FAX 1070 with a somewhat impaired signal due to KNX L.A., didn’t attempt to upgrade & purchase the 1200 facility in Victoria. Today, 1200 is Vancouver’s 25kW CJRJ “RJ1200” with a youth-oriented Punjabi-language music/info format

    Barry Bowman for many years was an air personality at C-FAX 1070. These days Barry is retired but still does a little VO work on commercials, also was connected with “Boomer Public Radio” podcast & website for awhile.

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