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April 24, 1983 – The KIRO NewsRadio Action Group begins morning drivetime broadcasts live from Africa on Tuesday. Bill Yeend, morning host, once again will attempt to blend on-location excitement, feature reports about Nairobi, Kenya, and Seattle freeway traffic reports.
The programs will air from six to 9:30 AM through Friday. As in past travel ventures, following the regular broadcast and network news, at 10:06 AM, KIRO listeners will be able to call the reporters and ask questions of them and the individuals they interview.
The weekend of April 30 to May 1, and longer special reports from Africa will be aired.
KIRO personnel in Nairobi are Yeend, Vic Bremer, news and program manager Dave Stone, morning news anchor and John Chelminiak, reporter.
The broadcast venture is limited to Kenya. Entry permits for the Union of South Africa were stalled. Bremer concluded the news team was being stonewalled by the South African government.

Internal and external.

Now that KRAB the Jack Straw Memorial foundation, KRAB is on the sales block, a group including nine former station volunteers, has organized to fight the action.
The Jack Straw Memorial foundation, KRAB, is run by an eight member Board of Directors, including four who are volunteer programmers. The board has accepted an offer to sell the station’s frequency to Sunbelt broadcasting Incorporated, of Colorado Springs, Colorado.
But a dissident group, the Community for KRAB Radio, has begun holding public meetings and fundraising events to publicize its views.

KVI is involved in what may become one of the largest broadcast transactions in history. Gene Autry, who holds 50.1% controlling interest in Golden West broadcasting, has asked FCC permission to sell KTLA TV Los Angeles to an investment group headed by the current president of Golden West’s television division. The $245 million transaction includes the TV station plus production studios and the subscription TV service.
If the deal is consummated, the Signal Companies will take $225 million of the proceeds and withdraw completely from Golden West. Autry would take 20 million and receive 100% ownership of Golden West’s eight radio stations (including KVI), and Oklahoma City television station and the California Angels baseball team.

Tilling the soil.

KOMO’s “Northwest Gardener,” with Jill Severin, is heard at 4:55, 9:45 AM and 1:45, 7:45 PM–the three pieces rotating over six days, Wednesday through Sunday. Ed Hume, on KING AM, is heard at 5:55, 9:25 AM and 1:25 PM , Monday through Friday, 8:25, 9:23 and 10:23 AM Saturday, and 8:25 and 9:23 AM Sunday. June Cappetto’s garden show, which airs by phone from a South County garden shop (or from her own backyard), is heard at 12:30 PM each weekday on KSER.

Twisting the dial.

Bruce Murdock and Randy Rollin will supply reports on opening day at Longacres racetrack from 5:59 PM Wednesday on KING AM.
“Dr. Paul,” a three-minute feature by Dr. Paul Johnson, airs twice a day Monday through Friday on the “Jack Morton show,” at 3:20 PM and 5:20 PM on KVI. The program covers a variety of health topics, including common illnesses.
KPLU will repeat all-day-marathon-fashion episodes of “The Empire Strikes Back” and “Star Wars” the weekend of April 30 through May 1.
KOMO radio intends to conduct stereo demonstrations at remote locations, including such events as this weekend’s opening of the Tacoma Dome, The Seattle Ctr Folklife Festival, Bumbershoot and the Puyallup Fair, plus a shopping center or two.
KIRO NewsRadio has received an Award of Excellence in the 1982. Religion in Media “Angel Awards” competition for live coverage of Pope John Paul’s visit to Great Britain and Argentina last year. The entry, “Around the World with Pope John Paul,” consisted of excerpts from KIRO’s live coverage of the Pope’s travels in May in June 1982.
KIRO also one of San Francisco State University broadcast media award for “Russia,” a series of excerpts from the station’s live broadcast from Russia in November 1982.

Author: Victor Stredicke

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