Audacy Seattle Fires Another One…Emily Raines From Morning Wolf Pack

Emily Raines – KKWF The Wolf
Cutbacks continue at Audacy stations. In Seattle The Wolf/KKWF loses Emily Raines, co-host of “The Morning Wolfpack”. Raines joined KKWF in March 2018 after seven years as morning show producer for iHeartMedia’s “94.9 The Bull” WUBL Atlanta under the on-air name “Freckles”.

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Author: Jason Remington

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14 thoughts on “Audacy Seattle Fires Another One…Emily Raines From Morning Wolf Pack

  1. I still enjoy listening to Matt on the Wolf but not crazy about the other 2!
    Not a good addition for Matt!
    He doesn’t seem happy anymore!
    Thank you Matt for a great run!
    Looking for a new channel!

    1. We left on a month long vacation and came back to change. I miss the team morning is not the same without Slow Joe, Emily and Matt. Just not the same. Corporate Radio wake up!!

  2. As for talent moving to smaller markets, we see some of that at KGY/Olympia (Matt Case) and KRKO/Everett (Tim Hunter), just two examples. How many small market stations are hiring though? With local advertiser revenue unable to sustain stations, adding another body to the company is less likely to happen. It’s a shame. There is so much talent out there, with many who are retired that would work for lower wages. The corporate groups are cutting talent and the mom & pops are selling to minority groups and non-profits.

  3. With the number of larger-market departures, due to unfavorable working conditions, corporate cutbacks, etc., this may be an opportunity to refocus radio on what matter to many listeners – being local to local markets. Airing high school sports games, giving a weather forecast that is concentrated around the station’s city of license, keeping to local stories during a news break… If large-market stations prefer to cut loose talented people, why not hire those folks at smaller-market stations and let their talent shine? I think it would show that there is still an interest in radio tailored to the communities they serve.

  4. Between Slow Joe leaving and Emily Raines getting let go, the show is so different and no longer holds my interest. I tried to listen but got bored so quick. Like Slow Joe and Emily I’m on to better things. Best of luck to them both!

    1. Fewer as time goes on. And then why listen when the human element is taken out of it, and there is better content on the Internet?

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