Cody expands his sports talk show

April 6, 1986
Wayne Cody’s expansion of “SportsLine” to three hours a night comes at the same time he celebrates 10 years as KIRO’s sports-talk personality.
Although he may have more visibility from his KIRO TV sports reports, Cody works in KIRO radio quarters. To produce radio sports reports and prepare for his nighttime radio show, Cody sprawls into a cluttered workstation, with a 16 ounce glass of Diet Coke always close at hand. He shares the area with Tom Glasgow, producer for “SportsLine,” now running from 7 PM to 10 PM nightly on KIRO 710 kHz.
Glasgow arranges for the guests, prepares lists of scores and other supporting statistics, but is gone by the time Cody is on the air.
“I really need a screener,” Cody said, sucking an ice cube from his glass. With more airtime (when there isn’t a ballgame broadcast), Cody knows he can get more callers, but he’s concerned about the kind of callers. “If I had someone to screen the calls before they get to me, I would think we would get more calls, better conversations,” he said. Cody’s television appearances are buttressed by the work of three people, who conduct interview segments, prepare the videotape and write a script which Cody then hones into his seemingly adlibbed video manner.
Twisting the dial
Tracy Mitchell, afternoon personality, left KJR last month for agency work in Wenatchee. He will handle some commercial accounts and is available as a contemporary music consultant. Mitchell said he thinks Wenatchee is just the right size city for raising a family. Mitchell twice was program director of KJR.

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Author: Victor Stredicke

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