KXA – From Rock To Rock Of Ages

March 20th 1983 – April 1st is the anticipated date for KXA’s change to a religion format. But it isn’t etched in stone. Pat O’Day, president of O’Day Broadcasting, said installation of equipment to receive satellite transmissions could complicate plans. O’Day vision is an overnight change from golden oldies rock to Rock of Ages talk. Few new programs will include music. O’Day said most of the programs will explore the challenges of a Christian lifestyle. “There will be no religious hucksters,” he said. Assisting in the format change is Jim Meeker station manager, experienced in Christian broadcasting in California. The FM sister station, KYYX, will continue its new wave music format. There are some folks out there who will see a horrid dichotomy in KXA programming religion and KYYX playing “Sex” by the group Berlin. “I do not treat this change lightly,” O’Day said. “My father was one of the pioneer Christian radio broadcasters.” O’Day placed his radio enterprises into chapter 11 bankruptcy on March 4th and will continue to operate them with court supervision. He said he has come to an agreement with other partners in the venture and intends to bring in a new partner. …[O’Day purchased KYYX in 1977 added KXA in 1980. He also owns a station in Hawaii.]

New Tacoma Target Group
After a projected sale of KMO, Tacoma, fell apart, James Baine, president/general manager and program director of the station took stock and changed the format. After more than two decades as a country music station, KMO fare now is popular contemporary music, and lots of it. John Wrigley, a former vocational school instructor of advertising sales, has been named manager. Baine describes the music mix as “unique.” 300 Tacoma women aged 18 to 34, were quizzed about their radio needs, and Baine says the resultant format is exactly what they asked for. Further, Baine is asking FCC approval to change the call letters to KAMT, which he says will describe the format “AM-Tacoma” – “And get rid of a problem that I’ve been facing for 25 years, a possible confusion between KMO and KOMO.”

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Author: Victor Stredicke

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