Aaron Brown @ KTW, Carl Lambert @ KAYE, & No Jive Talk @ KYAC

November 1973 – Victor Stredicke – Saturday talk shows are now on KTW, with Skip [Aaron] Brown from nine to noon and Sally Roth from noon to 3 PM.
Dave Newton, station manager, expects to add a Sunday talk show in December. Weekday morning news coverage will be coordinated by Phil Cogan, recently from Monterey, and Kevin Kelley, former KBES newsman.
*Aaron Brown began his radio career offering stringer news reports of Hubert Humphrey’s Minnesota campaign for Mutual Broadcasting System.

Carl Lambert is appointed station manager at 1450 KAYE. Henry Perozzo, a previous owner of KAYE, had arranged an out-of-court settlement to resume control of the Puyallup station from Jim Nicholls, General Manager, pending FCC approval of the stock transfer.
Ty Flint, almost-full-time part-time news man at KVI, transferred to Golden West’s sister station, KEX in Portland.

Program director Paul Cutchlow ushers in a “No hype. No jive-jock talk” all-music program middays on R&B station KYAC. The nonstop music block airs Monday through Saturday 10 AM to 3 PM.

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